As more and more people decide to buy suitable masks for them, some customers wonder whether N95 Mask Medical Supplies is really good. We researched and tested for several months to get the detailed information about their quality, design, price and other features. Take a look and you can find the answers yourself.

N95 Mask Medical Supplies: Material

N95 mask medical supplies are always proud of their innovative fabrics to offer the best comfort while keeping users safe. KN95 is 5 layer masks including 2 Non-woven, 2 Melt Blown 25g each layer,1 Hot air cotton layer, which is gentle and soft for sensitive skin. They are sewn in contemporary technology to utilise their function. Compared to this, the OEM 8511 N95 Mask is a disposable particulate respirator designed to provide reliable respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles. They are reviewed to be comfortable and sweat-free, keeping your skin cool and dry even in the most fierced weather. Finally, 3 ply masks are made from non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric. It is recommended by many experts and doctors to wear and protect people around in a short period. 

N95 Mask Medical Supplies: Material

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N95 Mask Medical Supplies: Design

 Design is another important factor when choosing masks. N95 Mask medical supplies always try to provide the most innovative design and amazing features. KN95 masks are easy to wear with simple ear loop hooks. They also come with a resealable bag for your convenience. Moreover, there are adjustable nose bridges which aids in effective sealing and comfort in the mask. 

N95 Mask Medical Supplies: Design

On the other hand, the OEM N95 masks include adjustable M-nose clip which reduces potential for eyewear fogging. OEM masks also feature braided headbands two-strap design with dual point attachment to help provide a secure seal. Finally, these masks offer a cool flow exhalation valve to reduce heat build-up inside the respirator.

N95 Mask Medical Supplies: Price

Price is one of the most concerning factors when customers decide to buy a face mask. Don’t worry, N95 Masks are affordable and worth the money. Despite their high quality and well-designed features, N95 Mask Medical Supplies only cost from $5 – $10 for a superior quality item. In particular, if you choose a 3 ply mask, it only costs you $19.99 for a box of 50 packs. 

There are two main ways to help you save on N95 mask shopping. First, you can buy a large number of masks to get discounted price. The more you buy, the less you pay. N95 offers a discount for bulk orders as follows.

Quantity Discounts

  • Firstly, if you order 5 or more, you pay only $17.99 Each
  • Secondly, if order 20 or more, you pay only $16.99 Each
  • Thirdly, if you order 100 or more, you pay only $15.99 Each
  • Finally, if you order 500 or more, you pay only $14.99 Each

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N95 Mask Medical Supplies: Reusable and machine washable

For those who love organic and environmental-friendly products, N95 Mask Medical Supplies is definitely their favourite item. As they are reusable, you can wash them and reuse them many times to save your budget and time. Moreover, their material and design make them machine washable so you will not need to worry and feel free to use. You can read our blog of N95 medical supplies reviews: Top 3 best face masks for the pandemic to get more reference about high-quality face masks.


Above are reviews of N95 Mask Medical Supplies about their quality, design, price and size. We hope that you can have a basic understanding about their main characteristics and decide to buy a suitable mask for you. Don’t forget to use N95 Medical Supplies coupon to save up to 10% off your orders.


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