Getting in some good sleep is an essential step to boosting your productivity. But how does one get good sleep? Well, a good mattress might just be the key to some satisfying closed eyes. As our past articles have said, Nolah Mattress is a great option for high-quality mattresses. And as a testament to their quality, we’re featuring some Nolah 10 mattress review in this article, so you can see how one of their baseline products performs. To get some sweet savings, don’t miss out our Nolah Mattress coupon code!

Nolah 10 mattress review – Basic info

Before getting into the Nolah 10 mattress review, let us learn some basic facts about this mattress. As might have learnt from our Nolah bed reviews, the Nolah 10 Mattress, also known as the Nolah Original mattress, is Nolah’s baseline option for mattresses. The mattress incorporates all the most basic yet still highly attractive features of the brand.


The Nolah Original mattress is made out of Nolah’s trade-marked AirFoam material. Being the innovative upgrade to memory foam, AirFoam delivers superior temperature sensitivity – guaranteeing great cooling for a comfortable night. Compared to traditional memory foam, AirFoam also offers up to 4 times the pressure relief according to Nolah’s website, thus giving you a much more pleasant sleeping experience. Lastly, thanks to its durability, AirFoam is set to last much longer than competitors. AirFoam can be found in all of Nolah’s products, even at Nolah queen and Nolah king sizes! Seems like a killer feature that’s going to rake up some good Nolah 10 mattress review to us!


As you will see in some Nolah 10 mattress review, its construction is also something that gets much praise. Specifically, the Nolah Original mattress offers an excellent 3-layer structure: 

  • Layer 1: 2” of AirFoam for maximum coolness and pressure relief
  • Layer 2: 1” of Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam – making for a strong support layer that provides a healthy and responsive bounce
  • Layer 3: 7” of the best U.S. made high-density breathable base foam that reinforce the support and contouring of the toper layers

Seems like quite a few reasons to get the Original mattress already, aren’t there? To find out more, check out the Nolah 10 mattress review below! And to save lots, don’t miss out on the Nolah Mattress discount code below!

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Nolah 10 mattress review – Let’s hear them!

Now that you know the Nolah Original Mattress inside and out, let us hear what people are saying about it. Here are some Nolah 10 mattress review!

‘It is actually better than expected. Very easy to order online. Have a weak neck and low back – but no more pain when I wake up in the morning. I had ordered another Brand online years ago……but it was way too hard. Give it to a family member that likes Hard Mattress.’ – Marene M.

‘The Nolah mattress is everything we expected and more. We’ve had it for a month and I get excited to go to bed now. Shopping experience was great and I would definitely recommend it to anybody!’ – Diana F. 

‘I purchased a Nolah mattress for my mother. She recently had hip replacement surgery and over the past several months has developed osteoarthritis as well. While I was visiting her to help her recover from the hip replacement, she complained that all the mattresses in the house caused her a lot of pain, and she was sleeping in a recliner. I started doing research on a mattress that would provide pressure relief for her joints and provide a better sleep experience to help her recover and generally reduce her arthritis pain. I came across Nolah and decided to order one. Thank you so much for your product!’ – Anne R.

‘I did a lot of research before selecting the Nolah Original 10 mattress. Both my husband and I sleep on our sides, and I usually wake with lots of aches and pains. This mattress is very comfortable, and I don’t have as much trouble with an aching shoulder now. I do still wake up often with lower back/hip pain, but it seems somewhat better. My husband has no issues at all with the mattress.’ – Karen C.


So that should give you a snapshot of all the Nolah 10 mattress review! If you’re interested to find out more about Nolah products, check out Nolah vs Tuft and Needle. Otherwise, let us help you save using this Nolah Mattress coupon code.


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