When it comes to mattresses, few brands surpass the level of innovation and comfort that Nolah packs into their products. Not only do they invest in their own superior proprietary material, but they are also generous enough to provide you some great risk-free trials. One concern many might be having before purchasing Nolah mattresses could be how difficult they are to set up, as none of us would like a complicated experience in that regard. Well, let us show you some Nolah Mattress instructions for set up, in 4 quick steps! To get some decent savings, don’t forget to claim your Nolah Mattress coupon code!

Nolah Mattress instructions – The 4 steps!

Setting up almost any Nolah mattress should only take 4 easy steps from start to finish, according to the official Nolah Mattress instructions. Thanks to Nolah’s simple packaging, as well as the easy-to-handle nature of their products, you should find it quite a breeze to complete the whole set-up process! To go step-by-step through the process, check below!

  • Unbox: After bringing the box to the room where you’ll set it up, gently lay the box on its side and pull out the Nolah mattress.
  • Position: With the mattress still rolled up, position it on your bed, box spring/foundation or any flat/slatted surface.
  • Unwrap: Remove the outer wrapping and carefully cut the inner wrapping without cutting into the mattress cover.
  • Ready: Watch the mattress in a heartbeat. Any wrinkles on the cover will soon disappear, and you can sleep on your Nolah right now!

Seems easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, if you’d like to order a Nolah now, don’t miss out on some amazing savings with this Nolah Mattress coupon code!

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Nolah Mattress instructions – A few tips

Despite being quite simple, there are still a few catches in the Nolah Mattress instructions for set-up. These are small areas where, if you’re not careful, could give you an inferior experience overall with your mattress. Check out the tips below to avoid that!

Be gentle

We cannot stress this enough when it comes to unpacking your Nolah mattress. While the elastic and soft nature of the mattress means it’s nowhere near fragile, you could still damage the mattress in a few ways. One such way is by being too forceful when cutting the inner wrapping, which could potentially damage your mattress cover. If you don’t want tears, be gentle!

Wait for a while

After completing all the steps in the Nolah mattress instructions, it might be tempting to put your Nolah Mattress cover on right away and enjoy. However, as recommended by Nolah themselves, you should leave the mattress to air out for a couple of hours before putting sheets on. This is to help any initial off-gassing to disappear.


So that’s about it for this article on the Nolah Mattress instructions for set-up. If you’re still looking for more info on setting up your Nolah Mattress, you might want to look into the Nolah Queen mattress or Nolah King mattress sizes. Otherwise, don’t miss out on great savings with this Nolah Mattress coupon code!


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