Mattresses are important for a good sleep, which can make or break your day and how productive you are. Therefore, protecting your mattress is also extremely crucial. But just how do you do so? Well, let us help you out by showcasing the Nolah Mattress protector – an excellent option to protect your Nolah products. To save on this protector and other Nolah offers, don’t forget to pick up our Nolah Mattress discount code!

Nolah mattress protector – Organic cotton edition

Let us begin our Nolah mattress protector reviews by categorizing them. While they share the same name, there are actually two different materials used for a mattress protector – organic cotton and bamboo jersey. For now, let us first look at the organic cotton version.

Nolah mattress protector


The organic cotton Nolah mattress protector is essentially a decently thick protective cotton sheet that covers your mattress, providing protection against rips, tears, and stains. Manufactured with Nolah’s top-tier quality, it has a few outstanding features as below:

  • Bed bug/Dust mite protection: The protector acts as a hygienic layer that mitigates the growth and spread of bed bugs and mites
  • Waterproof, yet breathable: the protector uses Nolah’s proprietary fabric, which maximizes breathability but includes a poly-barrier at the back side to make it ultra-waterproof
  • Safe and comfortable: despite being an extra layer on your mattress, the protector still retains the comfort found in Nolah mattresses such as the Nolah 10’ Original. Furthermore, with its GOTS and Oeko-Tex® 100 certification, the protector promises zero harmful chemicals in its composition, meaning you can sleep extra safe

Sounds like quite a few useful features for sure! No wonder why there are so many good Nolah mattress protector reviews!


The price for an organic cotton mattress protector sits at $109 currently. Sounds too much to you? No worries! You can save lots on every Nolah product using our Nolah Mattress discount code below!

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Frequently asked questions

1. How deep is the Nolah mattress protector?

It’s deep enough to fit up to 16” beds. Each corner has elastic bands that easily wrap around the corners of the mattress for a perfect fit.

2. Will the mattress protector make it hot to sleep on?

No, it will not. Nolah uses pure natural organic cotton fibers that stay cool and have high breathability allowing excess body heat to escape before causing overheating.

3. How do I clean my mattress protector?

The mattress protector is machine washable so can be washed in a regular domestic washing machine at home.

4. Can I return my mattress protector?

Due to the nature of the product, there is no return or trial period.

For more FAQs, you can find official support from Nolah themselves!

Nolah mattress protector – Bamboo jersey edition

Another version that has also raked in good Nolah mattress protector reviews is none other than the bamboo jersey edition. Let us take a look at it now!


The most outstanding feature of this mattress protector is, of course, its bamboo jersey material. This material gives it quite some unique features, so let’s go through them:

  • Soft and Stretchy: the bamboo material makes the protector extremely soft and comfy. With elastic bands at the corner, it can easily stretch to fit mattresses of up to 16” thickness without altering the feel of the mattress. 
  • Naturally Antibacterial: bamboo is by its nature antibacterial, so you’re getting some good protection from germs and excellent hygiene with this protector
  • Waterproof, yet breathable: the protector uses Nolah’s proprietary fabric, which maximizes breathability but includes a poly-barrier at the back side to make it ultra-waterproof

Once again, a product with a good many of brilliant features, giving it some great Nolah mattress protector reviews.


A bamboo jersey mattress protector costs you $89, a little bit less than the organic cotton edition.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the same FAQs as above for contact Nolah directly if you still don’t have an answer to your questions!


So that’s it for our article on the Nolah mattress protector. We hope you have found some great insights into this wonderful product. For more Nolah product reviews, how about checking out our Nolah vs Tuft and Needle article! Otherwise, don’t forget to pick up our Nolah Mattress coupon code to save lots!


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