Getting a good mattress will instantly help you rejuvenate and get better sleep. Therefore, protecting your mattress is also quite the important task. In one of our past articles, we have reviewed the Nolah Mattress protector in two editions – Bamboo and Cotton. So which of these is the better Nolah Mattress topper? Check out this article to find out, and don’t forget to grab your own Nolah Mattress coupon code!

What is the Nolah Mattress topper?

The Nolah Mattress topper or protector is essentially a top layer that is overlaid over your Nolah mattress. This layer not only protects the mattress you have beneath but also gives extra protection from mites and any potential liquid staining. What’s more, the topper does not change how the mattress feels, so you’re still getting the full Nolah mattress excellence. 

The bamboo topper

As we mentioned, the Nolah Mattress topper comes in two editions – bamboo and cotton. Before comparing them, we’re giving you a bit of details on both. The bamboo edition uses 100% bamboo jersey to create a thick yet comfortable protective layer for your mattress. Thanks to bamboo’s naturally antibacterial nature, the topper can resist bacteria and drive away harmful mites/bed bugs.

And if you think bamboo sounds a little stiff, don’t worry about it! The bamboo topper is both soft and stretchy, making it easy to fit into most mattresses, even ones not from Nolah. It is also waterproof – another great feature.

The cotton topper

The cotton Nolah Mattress topper uses 100% organic cotton, as opposed to bamboo, to give you yet another great protective sheet. Despite the difference in material, this cotton topper is still as waterproof and mite/bug resistant as its bamboo counterpart. Furthermore, the comfort of the topper is boosted by its soft cottony texture. And if you’re worried about the cotton being a harmful synthetic material, rest assured that this cotton topper is GOTS and Oeko-Tex® 100 certified.

Sounds like two very interesting products, so which should you go with? Read below to find out, and don’t forget to claim your Nolah Mattress coupon code!

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Nolah Mattress topper – Which to go with?

Now that we have the basic info on both versions of the Nolah Mattress topper, let us compare them to see which is right for you.


When it comes to which Nolah Mattress topper is more comfy, the win has to go to the cotton edition. Despite both being very soft and easy to lie on, the 100% organic cotton material just makes the topper ever so more snuggly and inviting. 


The two versions tie out when it comes to durability. No matter which material, both are extremely durable and can be washed simply in your washing machine. Easy and convenient!


Price is where the bamboo jersey edition wins. The bamboo jersey version currently retails at $89, while the 100% organic cotton edition goes for $109. That’s a $20 difference, and for some the marginal extra comfort might not be able to justify it. However, do bear in mind that you can still earn some savings from using our Nolah Mattress coupon code!


So that’s it for our article on comparing the two Nolah Mattress toppers. We hope you’ve learned some useful information to help you shop. For more on Nolah Mattress, check out our article on the Nolah Mattress cover.


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