A good mattress can make your sleep, and a bad one can break your sleep. So how do you find a mattress that can meet all your needs? Today, to help you out, we will be putting Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding – both good mattress brands – to the test. To save on Nolah products, don’t miss out on this Nolah Mattress coupon code!

Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding – The similarities

Between Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding, there are some clear similarities to begin our comparison. First of all, both offer foam-based mattresses, despite having different individual materials. Secondly, both are great for a cool and breathable sleep experience. Secondly, they both provide 120-night risk-free trials for customers. Lastly, their price ranges are quite the same, with very marginal differences.

Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding – The differences

Now that we’ve seen all the similarities between Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding, our comparison begins in terms of their differences.


A key consideration in our Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding comparison is material, since it is the single most important factor to make or break a mattress. With both great materials, our two brands tie out in terms of material. Brooklyn Bedding uses their special TitanFlex memory foam for their top layer, infused with gel to give you a cool feeling and to wrap neatly around your body. This makes it great for comfort and heat dispersion, ensuring you won’t be sleeping hot.

As for Nolah, they use their proprietary AirFoam material, designed to keep millions of air bubbles inside to give it amazing pressure relief. Specifically, AirFoam promises up to 4 times the pressure relief of normal memory foam thanks to its unique design. Furthermore, with its temperature neutrality, you are guaranteed some good sleep without any heatiness. Lastly, with its high durability, AirFoam is promised to last you much longer than its competitors. 

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The next point of comparison in our Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding showdown is undoubtedly construction, given its importance. The structure of Nolah mattresses can best be represented by the Nolah Signature mattress:

  • Layer 1: a layer of 2.5” extra-thick AirFoam™ provides superior pressure relief, keeps you cool and contours perfectly to your body
  • Layer 2: a 1.5” support layer that is stronger and more durable than latex, providing a healthy and responsive bounce
  • Layer 3: a 7” layer of the best U.S. made high-density breathable base foam that reinforce the support and contouring of the top layers
  • Layer 4: 1” of firm supportive Nolah AirFoam™ provides the perfect amount of support and pressure relief for stomach- and combo sleepers

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Bedding’s construction is rather less robust, as below:

  • Layer 1: 2 inches of proprietary TitanFlex foam
  • Layer 2: 2 inches of TitanFlex foam, with a firmer texture
  • Layer 3: 6 inches of high density polyfoam
Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding

Overall, it seems like Nolah is coming out victorious in this construction comparison.

Side-by-side Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding comparison

With all the key areas of comparison aside, let us take a step back and look at Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding in an overall side-by-side comparison.

FeaturesBrooklyn BeddingNolah
CoverCotton with a phase change blendTencel™ material
MaterialsCopper Gel Energex™ Foam, TitanFlex™, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, Quantum Edge™ Pocketed Coils, Base FoamAirFoam™ and polyfoams
CoolingPhase change technology in the cover, cooling gel, copper gel, pocketed coilsTencel™ cover and AirFoam™
Motion TransferMediumMinimal
Edge SupportExceptionalGood
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
Warranty10 yearsLifetime
Trial Period120 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree in the contiguous United States, additional fee required to ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, free White Glove service may be available in showroomsFree in the continental United States
Made in the USAYesYes


Overall, this has been our Nolah vs Brooklyn Bedding comparison. While the two brands are quite close to each other, we would recommend Nolah due to their superior construction. To learn more about Nolah, check out Nolah vs Dreamcloud or Nolah vs Bear Mattress! And to save lots on their products, don’t miss out on this Nolah Mattress coupon code!


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