If you love to vape in style and enjoy the latest of e-cigarette technology, RELX is the brand to go to. For many vapers starting out, it might be difficult to choose a vape kit that’s suitable for them, and it often comes down to RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha – the battle between RELX’s 2 best-selling kits. So which one is superior? Our answer: if you love value for money, choose RELX Classic; and if you’re all for classy designs and cutting-edge conveniences, choose RELX Alpha. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to use this Relxnow coupon code to save on your RELX purchases!

RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha on the spec sheet

CriteriaRELX AlphaRELX ClassicComparison
Battery340 mAh350 mAhRELX Classic has more battery capacity
Charge Time40 minutes45-60 minutesWith USB-C Charging, the RELX Alpha charges faster than the RELX Classic
Puffs Per Charge Cycle280 puffs 300 puffsRELX Classic allows for more puffs per charge cycle
Buttonless ControlYesYesSame
E-liquid Pod Capacity1.6 ml2 mlRELX Classic has more pod capacity
Puffs Per Pod500620RELX Classic has more puffs per pod
Mouthpiece Leak ProtectionYesNoRELX Alpha has more protection against leakage
Size (L x B x W)11.2 x 2.3 x 1 cm12 x 3 x 1.5 cmRELX Alpha is slightly smaller, making it more portable
Weight 27.2 g35 gRELX Alpha is lighter than RELX Classic
USB-C ChargingYesNoRELX Alpha has a convenient USB-C charging port that RELX Classic doesn’t
Vibrate notificationYesNoRELX Alpha has a vibrating function that RELX Classic doesn’t
Voltage ProtectionYesNoRELX Alpha has a voltage protection function that RELX Classic doesn’t
Price$47.92 $39.90RELX Classic is cheaper than RELX Alpha

The above table contains a few basic spec comparisons between RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha. If you’ve already made up your mind on which vape kit to buy, save on your purchase by using this Relxnow coupon!

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RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha: further comparisons

While the spec sheet can say a lot about these 2 vape kits, there are other factors you should consider. 

  • The puff experience: this is more or less a subjective thing. Some vapers love the RELX Classic, some prefer the RELX Alpha. One way to know for sure is to try both before your purchase, or seek recommendation from more experienced vapers
  • Convenience: armed with more advanced technologies, the RELX Alpha scores many points for convenience, which is one of the top reasons to choose it. Vibrate notifications, leakage protection, and USB-C charging are among the many RELX Alpha features that give it an edge in the RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha debate.
  • Design and Style: RELX Classic and Alpha both have unique designs and colors. Want something sleek and portable? Go with RELX Alpha. Prefer the classic look with gradient colors? Choose the RELX Classic


The RELX Classic and RELX Alpha vape kits are both fantastically designed and engineered e-cigarettes. While the RELX Classic offers more benefits on the spec sheet (bigger battery, more puffs, etc.), the RELX Alpha shines with its convenience and premium design. To see which of these pod vapes is easier to use, check out our latest RELX Classic versus RELX Alpha article!

If you’re starting out and are looking for a starter kit, check out our guide right here. And if you’re ready to purchase, make sure to use our Relxnow discount code!


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