The 2 great cornerstones of RELX vape are of course the RELX Classic and the RELX Alpha starter kits. They offer great features and designs that encapsulate the spirit of RELX innovation. While we mentioned all aspects in our previous RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha article, let us discuss which is easier to use between RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha. To get both of these amazing kits for less, don’t forget to use this RELX coupon!

RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha – General info

The RELX Classic is RELX’s beginner-friendly kit and comes with many great features for beginners and even advanced vapers. The RELX Classic starter kit ships for $39.90 and includes 1 device, 1 pod, and 1 micro-USB charging cable, making it quite reasonably priced, especially when we compare RELX vs JUUL

Check out the updated version of the RELX Classic pod system which uses the newest FEELM technology.

On the other hand, the RELX Alpha is laser-focused on the more advanced vapers, with its wealth of features and premium design. A remarkable thing about the RELX Alpha is the addition of the award-winning FEELM atomizer, which guarantees flavorful puff. Additionally, its AlphaStream design allows for accurate draw resistance up to 95%!

Check out the RELX Alpha kit which uses FEELM 2.0 technology and a honeycomb heating element design.

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RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha – Ease-of-use comparison

Given some basic info on each vape kit, let us see which is easier to use between RELX Classic and RELX Alpha

RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha – Charging ease

The RELX Classic and RELX Alpha both have amazing battery capacities, at 340mAh and 350mAh respectively. This means that both devices can easily last you a full day of usage or even 2 or 3. However, which one is easier to use when it comes to charging?

Fortunately, both the RELX Classic and RELX Alpha use a USB charging port. This means charging them would be almost identical to charging your phone. However, the RELX Alpha does have an advantage in that it uses USB-C charging, making it charge faster than the RELX Classic, at roughly 40 minutes for a full charge!

RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha – Pod build quality

Pods are another important point in our RELX Classic and RELX Alpha ease-of-use comparison. Both RELX pods and AlphaPods benefit from RELX’s design decision of including magnetic locks to make it easier to attach them. However, the difference lies in the build quality of the two types of pods.

While regular RELX pods have been reported to leak several times, AlphaPods permanently eliminates this issue thanks to the 4 structural improvements introduced by RELXs. These improvements guarantee a durability of 175% more than other pods and are extremely useful since you cannot refill RELX pods.


In conclusion, with 2 main distinguishing advantages, the RELX Alpha is the winner in this RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha ease-of-use competition. That being said, both kits are equally amazing and worth your money. But of course, you can always save more using this RELX coupon code!


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