RELX is a vape brand known for its great commitment to innovation in both product and design. A regular vaper might be attracted to RELX vape for many things such as their revolutionary technologies or their cutting-edge designs. However, there’s another thing about RELX you should not miss, and that is its flavors! In this article, let us take a look at a RELX Dark Sparkle review – one of the hottest yet coolest RELX flavours out there! To get RELX products for cheap, remember to use this RELX coupon!

RELX Dark Sparkle review – cola on the puff!

Drinks flavors are widely regarded as one of the best flavor types for vaping. They are not only incredibly delicious like the drinks they are based on, but also incredibly diverse. Remember how many different soft drinks, beer, or wine brands you can name? Well, chances are there is a vape flavor for such drinks!

RELX Dark Sparkle

RELX Dark Sparkle is among the best drinks flavors that RELX has to offer, perhaps only matched by RELX Gold Sparkle. What makes it so great? Well, if you’ve ever tasted a cup of ice cold Coca-Cola on a steaming hot summer day, you know how great this flavor is!

Dark Sparkle mesmerizes taste buds with its incredibly pleasing coke flavor that lingers quite a while to cool off your mouth. On the exhale, this flavor comes with a wonderfully subtle hint of mint that finishes off a great puffing experience! No wonder the RELX Dark Sparkle review section goes absolutely crazy about this product:

‘The best flavour out there. Very happy with the taste.’ – Jim Haas

‘I love this flavor so much. I wish it were in stock more often though. Whenever I see it available, I buy like 5 at a time.’ – Trevor Nguyen

‘This one is my fav flavor out of all of them.’ – Johnny Lee

As you can see, the love for Dark Sparkle is nearly universal among reviewers. To get this flavor and other RELX products for less, grab this RELX discount code!

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RELX Dark Sparkle review – what to try next?

If this RELX Dark Sparkle review has successfully tickled your fancy, try this flavor by all means! It’s a great experience. However, if you have tried Dark Sparkle and are looking for something else newer, here’s our recommendations!

RELX Gold Sparkle

Ever tried root beer and fell in love instantly with its amazing flavor? Well, now you can do so while vaping with RELX! Gold Sparkle is another hot item on RELX’s list of drinks flavors, and it’s bound to chill thousands of vapers out. 

With a surprisingly authentic recreation of the complex root beer taste, RELX Gold Sparkle engages your senses by emitting a pleasantly cold sensation. The taste doesn’t just come into your mouth, but also stays there for a while to maximize enjoyment. Then, as you exhale, this delicious flavor is then followed by a subtle yet amazing hint of mint.

Gold Sparkle is only available for the RELX Classic and not the RELX Alpha, which is one of its drawbacks. To see which of these kits to choose, check out our RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha article!

RELX Tangy Purple

Another great line-up of flavors is the category of fruity flavors. As diverse as the range of fruits itself, this type of flavor shines for those who enjoy rich juicy goodness. A good example of the best RELX fruity flavors is Tangy Purple.

RELX Tangy Purple is a grape-based fruity flavor that tops the best-selling list for fruity flavors on RELX right now. More than just giving you a sweet grape taste, the flavor close resembles the chewy goodness of grape candies that satisfies most vapers. A hint of mint is delivered on the exhale to leave a lasting coolness.


So that’s about it for our RELX Dark Sparkle review. We hope you have picked up useful info to help you choose your next RELX flavor. For great savings on any RELX product, try this RELX coupon code!


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