RELX is a wonderful vape manufacturer. Their products serve a range of vapers and are often praised for their innovative designs and technologies. However, what most people often miss is the amazing flavors that RELX also offers. In today’s article, let us take a look at RELX Fragrant Fruit – the amazingly exotic RELX lychee flavor. To save on RELX products, why not make use of this RELX coupon!

RELX Fragrant Fruit – a burst of lychee!

Fruity flavors are among the most universally enjoyed flavors for vapers. Why? First of all, their diversity is amazing. Choosing between different fruity flavors is like walking down the supermarket aisle picking fruits themselves. Additionally, all fruit flavors are often very juicy and sweet in taste and guarantee a good time for every user.

relx fragrant fruit

However, let us take a look at a stranger, more exotic fruit flavor for today’s fruit RELX flavor review – RELX Fragrant Fruit! Being the only RELX lychee flavor, Fragrant Fruit is great for those who want something different from the usual fruit flavor. Puffing on RELX Fragrant Fruit is like biting into the plump and juicy lychees all the way from Southeast Asia. On exhale, the lychee flavor is accompanied by a wonder minty sensation.

While it is exceptional in many ways, the RELX lychee flavor might not be for everyone since it’s pretty standoff-ish. The RELX flavor review below captures how this flavor could be a little hard to stomach:

“Not bad. Wish it was a bit sweeter and more menthol like the RELX watermelon.” – Leah Tran

However, if you’re looking for something different, definitely try this flavor! To help you save on your RELX shopping, we are bringing you this RELX promo code for extra savings!

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RELX Fragrant Fruit – other recommended flavors

Having tried RELX Fragrant Fruit, you might be tempted to look for something else either more casual or equally exciting to try. Here are two flavors we think would suit you if you’ve tried and liked RELX lychee!

RELX Fresh Red

Like RELX lychee? How about RELX watermelon? RELX watermelon (Fresh Red) is a wonderful recreation of the juicy coolness of a freshly cut watermelon slice in your mouth. Ever tasted a refreshing bite of watermelon on a hot summer day? Well, you can get the same amazing sensation out of RELX Fresh Red. Try it now!

RELX Gold Sparkle

If you’re still looking for something exotic to try, how about a unique drinks flavor? RELX Gold Sparkle is the epitome of stand-out drinks flavors by RELX. Based on root beer, this flavor delivers the cooling sensation of sifting through the thick foam of root beer with amazing authenticity. To ease you on the way out, Gold Sparkle also incorporates a hint of mint to please you like most other RELX flavors!


All in all, the RELX Fragrant Fruit flavor is an amazing taste that fully captures the spirit of RELX lychee. If you’re ready to order this flavor, why not use this RELX coupon code to maximize savings!


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