RELX vape is often known for their great investment into innovative designs and technologies that make their products superior. However, most vapers are not aware of something else that they also do incredibly well – their pod flavors. In this article, let us take a look at a RELX Gold Sparkle review – one of RELX’s best-selling flavors. To get this flavor and other RELX products for cheap, don’t miss out on this RELX coupon!

RELX Gold Sparkle review – ice cold root beer!

Drinks flavors are among the best flavors there are. They are fresh, they are bold, and they are about as diverse as the range of drinks itself. Walking into an aisle of drinks vape flavor is like walking into an endless supermarket row of soft drinks, wine, and even juice.

RELX Gold Sparkle

RELX offers quite a few drinks flavors, and one that stands out is undoubtedly RELX Gold Sparkle! This flavor is unique in many ways, especially given its basis on root beer – a unique drink by itself. Vaping with Gold Sparkle is like sipping a cold glass of root beer. Some would even say they could feel the residual foam their lips!

After you’ve had a good feel of Gold Sparkle’s wonderful taste, exhaling this flavor gives you a light minty sensation to finish off. No wonder the RELX Gold Sparkle review section is filled with positive words like below:

‘I usually always purchase the coke flavour. But as of late, it’s been out of stock. I find that the root beer is a very good substitute for it. It is similar in taste, and definitely every bit as refreshing. The mint level in it is just impeccable. This is an affordable alternative to smoking and it’s really helped me kick the urge.’ – Mao Wu

‘So satisfying. RELX got it spot on! It tastes exactly like a root beer float. Definitely hits the mark.’ – Chloe T

‘Best RELX flavour. Perfect sweetness and mint level. Very satisfying feeling when vaping it! Doesn’t taste exactly like root beer but definitely a great taste.’ – David K

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RELX Gold Sparkle review – what’s next to try?

Having read through the RELX Gold Sparkle review, you might be tempted to try it right away. But what if you’ve already used the flavor and are looking for something to try next? Well, let us give you some recommendations!

RELX Dark Sparkle

One might confuse these flavors for each other, judging by their closely similar names. However, make no mistake, as Dark Sparkle and Gold Sparkle are worlds apart in terms of flavor. While RELX Gold Sparkle perfectly simulates the taste of root beer, RELX Dark Sparkle is Coca-Cola in a pod!

Vaping with Dark Sparkle gives you the fantastic sensation of downing an icy cup of coke on a hot summer day. Like other drink flavors, Dark Sparkle ends with a satisfying hint of mint that cools off your mouth and leaves you wanting more!

RELX Tangy Purple

Besides drinks flavor, fruity flavors are also a strength of RELX. They come in all types of fruits you can think of, from sweet to sour to even savoury. RELX Tangy Purple is a prime example of RELX’s fruity goodness.

Tangy Purple is special because it not only has a wonderful grape basis, but also a resemblance to the chewy fruit candies we know and love. If you’re looking for something vastly different from RELX Gold Sparkle but equally tasty, give this one a go!


Overall, our review of the RELX Gold Sparkle flavor shows it is truly one of the best drinks flavors offered by RELX pods. To get this flavor and other RELX products for cheap, don’t miss out on this RELX coupon code!


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