RELX is best known for their innovative products with premium designs and superior performance. However, most people often ignore an aspect of RELX that the brand does extremely well – RELX flavors. In this review, let us take a look at Fresh Red – RELX watermelon flavor – to see how great their flavors are! While you’re at it, why not pick up this RELX coupon code to save lots!

RELX watermelon – Fresh Red tops fruit flavors!

RELX’s fruity flavors are legendary! They are juicy, they are sweet, they are sour, and sometimes they are a mix of everything! The most wonderful thing about these flavors is that they are endless in terms of variation. No matter how many fruits you can think of, there could be a vape flavor just like that waiting for you!

RELX watermelon

In today’s review, let us take a look at one of the most unique RELX fruity flavors there is – RELX watermelon! Given its official name Fresh Red, this flavor is one of the freshest tastes you can get out of your vaping experience. Puffing on RELX watermelon is like biting into a sweet juicy slice of watermelon during a hot summer day.

To further heighten the freshness, the puff ends with a subtle yes reinvigorating hint of mint! No wonder the RELX flavor reviews are raving hard about how great this flavor is!

“Didn’t think I’d be able to find watermelon flavoured juice for Relx so easily! It’s a good level of sweetness and just very refreshing!” – Amanda Hughes.

“I’m satisfied with the watermelon” – Rylle D.

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RELX watermelon – What to try next?

Now that you’ve heard all the great things about RELX watermelon (Fresh Red), what’s next? Here we suggest some wonderful RELX flavors that both match the tastiness of Fresh Red and offer something new!

RELX Tangy Purple

Like RELX watermelon? How about some RELX grape chewies? RELX Tangy Purple is a wonderful fruity flavor that rivals Fresh Red in every way. The flavor gives you a beautiful taste of grape that mesmerizes your taste buds with its sweetness. What’s great about this grape taste is that it’s not only just grapes, but rather the flavor of grape chewy candies that we all know and love! Like most other RELX flavors, Tangy Purple finishes with a cool minty sensation. Wow!

RELX Fragrant Fruit

RELX Fragrant Fruit is a must-try if you’re into exotic flavors! While it may not beat Fresh Red or Tangy Purple in terms of sweetness, it certainly has some exciting tastes. Puffing Fragrant Fruit is like eating plump juicy lychees delivered to you straight from South Asia. The great thing about this flavor is that it’s seriously authentic to the taste of lychee and therefore superb to taste! 


Overall, RELX watermelon or Fresh Red is a great flavor for your vaping enjoyment. We hope this review has helped you make your decision on whether to choose this flavor. If you have, don’t forget to save with this RELX coupon code! Also, for some good devices to pair your pods with, check out our article on the best-selling RELX vapes!


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