RELX is the leading innovator in the vape industry, with cutting-edge technologies built into their every product. RELX e cig is known for their fantastic design, flavorful puffs, technical superiority, and affordable price tags. But did you know there are many ways to save on your RELX purchases? Join us as we go through our 3 tips to save on RELX, including our RELX coupon code!

#1 – Use a RELX coupon code

RELX prices are generally more reasonable than its competitors’. In our RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha article, we went over the prices of both of these RELX vape kits. The RELX Classic comes at $39.90, while the slightly pricier RELX Alpha sets you back $47.92. These two kits are among the best-selling RELX vape products this year, and offer good value for money.

RELXNOW coupon code and more - 3 tips to save on RELX!

So, how do you save on them? Well, RELX is quite generous with its promotions. With this RELX coupon code, you can get up to 20% off of all your RELX e cig orders. Happy shopping!

Extra relx discount August 2022

What’s more, you can also save using ValeVape – an authorized deal for many RELX vape products. To save on ValeVape, simply use their ValeVape coupon code!

#2 – RELX’s referral program

RELX offers a great way to share your vaping experience with your friends while saving on your next purchase – the Refer A Smoker program. Simply submit your email to RELX to get a referral link and send it to a friend who’s making their first RELX purchase. By buying a RELX product via your referral link, your friend gets 10% off while you earn a 15% discount. Win-win!

Of course, there are some limitations to this program, according to RELX’s website:

  • The smoker you refer must be a new customer who have never purchased from
  • The smoker you refer must finish his or her purchase on successfully

If you have a friend who you want to lend a hand in quitting smoking, refer them now! If not, use our RELX coupon code to save with ease!

#3 – RELX’s bundles and seasonal sales

Getting RELX for sale is a wonderful opportunity for any vaper. One way to get a small percentage off your RELX e cig orders is to purchase a Buddy Bundle. This bundle is fantastic for those who love to share their vaping moments with friends or loved ones. A Buddy Bundle comes with 2 RELX Classic starter kits – 1 with the Classic Black color and another with any color of your choice. The bundle also includes a free RELX Nano disposable e cig, and costs only $71.82 altogether. 

Another great way to get RELX for sale at reduced prices is to watch out for RELX’s seasonal sales. RELX often releases product bundles for each season. Currently, their winter bundle gives you 1 RELX Classic starter kit and 2 RELX pods packs for only $66.50, saving you around 10%. 


There are many ways to get RELX for sale. While the referral program and sales bundles are attractive opportunities, they come with certain limitations and only a small discount. Thus, to get the best deal out of your RELX shopping experience, don’t forget to grab our RELX coupon code!


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