The problem of hair loss or hair thinning is causing headaches for many people in their middle age and above. The problem not only causes hair and scalp degradation but can also harm your confidence. Scalp Med has been the leading brand in solving this issue by providing quality hair loss products that prove to be highly effective. A popular collection of Scalp Med products is, of course, the Scalp Med Essentials. So are the reviews of Scalp Med Essentials any good? Let’s find out in this article! Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to save on your Scalp Med products, try this Scalp Med coupon!

Reviews of Scalp Med Essentials – Basic product info

If you’ve read our article on reviews of Scalp Med’s Patented Hair Regrowth System, there’s a chance you may think that’s all there is to Scalp Med products. However, there is another set of products to be paired with the Patented Hair Regrowth System, and that is the Scalp Med Essentials kit! 

So what is this product set and how good is it? Well, before getting to the reviews of Scalp Med Essentials, let’s go over what the product kit is. Unlike Scalp Med’s Patented Hair Regrowth System, the Scalp Med Essentials kit does not include hair regrowth products but rather vital hair care products that ensure your hair stays strong and lush. The products in this kit include 2 bottles of TerraVi Thicken My Hair Shampoo and 1 bottle of Amp Me Up spray. These are both very well-received products that deliver great results. Read below to learn more about them, and don’t forget to use this Scalp Med discount code to save lots when you buy Scalp Med!

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Scalp Med TerraVi Thicken My Hair shampoo

TerraVi is a Scalp Med shampoo that promises to thicken your hair and nourish its roots inside-out. The main ingredients of TerraVi are essential amino acids, palmetto plant, green tea, nettle, hops, chamomile extracts, and other plant-based natural components. Not only does this ensure effective hair thickening, but it also negates any negative Scalp Med side effects and nurtures your hair from within.

Reviews of Scalp Med - TerraVi Thicken My Hair shampoo

Being available for both male and female users, reviews of Scalp Med TerraVi is terrific for both genders!

“I love using this shampoo on my hair daily to clean it. It’s a great product with good ingredients.” – Robert P.

“It’s working well for me. So keep up the good work!!!” – Chet T.

Scalp Med Amp Me Up hair spray

Amp Me Up is another great product in the Scalp Med Essentials kit. If you’re facing the problem of severe hair thinning, this is the one you should be looking for. Amp Me Up provides vital nutrients to the hair shafts and roots within just a few sprays. This makes the hair swell and thus creates increased volume for your hair. Don’t believe it? Just check out these reviews of Scalp Med Amp Me Up!

‘I like the hair spray for women because it makes my hair feel and look thicker.’ – Susan C.

‘It really helped my thinning hair. It is a good compliment to the other maintenance hair products.’ – Kelvin D.

Reviews of Scalp Med Essentials – What do they say?

With such great products in the arsenal, you can probably guess how popular the Scalp Med Essentials kit is going to be. In fact, the reviews of Scalp Med Essentials are so positive, it landed 4.7/5 stars on Scalp Med’s website. To show you some great reviews, we’ve curated them as below!

“It is great. My hair has regrown. I love the products. Will be putting my replacement order in soon.” – Richard P.

“Very very pleased started this in November 2019 and saw results in 3 months and now 9months later the results are amazing, very pleased to say the least I can show you pictures if you like!” – Domenic F.

“I have been using ScalpMed for a few months and I wanted to help speed up growth of my hair so I ordered ScalpMed Essentials for women and I love the way my hair is growing nicely. The shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel clean, nice and soft. The amp me up lifts from root to the end of my hair. I would recommend this product. I will keep using all of these products.” – Letitia S.

“I cannot tell too much but I do need another bottle of Thickening shampoo. I still have a good supply of AMP and REPAIR as I have already bought two kits.” – Anne M.


In conclusion, it seems the reviews of Scalp Med Essentials are just as positive as those of the Patented Hair Regrowth System itself. We hope you’ve found this article useful in helping you learn more about this product kit. If you’re planning to purchase it soon, don’t miss out on massive savings using this Scalp Med coupon!

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