Hair loss is a serious problem for many in their middle age and above, which can cause anything from bald spots to confidence decrease. While many brands have released hair loss products aiming to stop this issue, most of them prove too ineffective or costly. This is, of course, except for Scalp Med – a revolutionary hair loss product that not only regrows hair but also also deeply nourishes it. To see how great Scalp Med works, let’s take a look at some Scalp Med before and after pictures! Additionally, if you would like to save on Scalp Med products, check out this Scalp Med coupon!

Scalp Med before and after – How does it work?

Scalp Med is a hair loss product that works wonders for both men and women, as will be proven by the Scalp Med before and after photos below. The product works by addressing the problem of hair loss straight from its roots. As may have read in our article on how to use Scalp Med, hair loss stems from the lack of nutrition to hair roots and hair follicles, making them weaker and thus fall off. These nutrients include oxygen, as well as key vitamins and proteins. 

While most hair loss products would just stop at regrowing hair, this has proven to be unsustainable since your newly regrown hair needs nutrients to stay strong and lush. This where Scalp Med outperforms others, using their multi-patented formula to deliver and retain nutrients in the scalp and hair. Specifically, Scalp Med’s Patented Hair Regrowth System (one of their best-selling products) rely on 2 key components:

  • Vitadil: the main minoxidil carrier for Scalp Med. At 5% minoxidil concentration, this FDA-approved component does enough to stimulate hair growth without causing nasty side effects
  • NutriSOL: a Scalp Med’s exclusive multi-patented component that helps with retaining nutrients in the hair follicles, thereby ensuring strong and lush hair. 

The combination of the 2 key components above is what makes Scalp Med so great. While Vitadil effectively stimulates hair regrowth, NutriSOL actively nurtures your newly regrown hair to make it strong and resilient. To see Scalp Med in action, read below and check out the Scalp Med before and after pictures. And to save on their products, how about snatching this Scalp Med discount code right now!

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Scalp Med before and after – See the proofs!

Given the amazingly innovative formula of Scalp Med, their products have helped countless people get great Scalp Med results! To showcase the success of many and to inspire those who are still facing the issue of hair loss, Scalp Med has put together a library of success stories. These stories come with their own Scalp Med before and after photos to show everyone how they can absolutely turn the tide on the problem of hair loss. Let’s check them out below!

Scalp Med before and after

Katrina is a long time user of Scalp Med’s Patented Hair Regrowth System for Women. Being someone who faced some nasty bald spots on her otherwise lush head of hair, Katrina tried Scalp Med and amazingly regained all her hair after just 4 months! 

Of course, Katrina isn’t alone in her struggle against hair loss. Alison is also a victim of this issue, with an even more serious case than Katrina. Yet, after just 6 months of using Scalp Med, her hair has gone back to lush and full. Beautiful!

Scalp Med before and after

And let’s not forget how men can also be suffering from hair loss as well. Eric here has a case of hair loss that is about as severe as Alison’s, and after only 6 months his massive bald spot has turned into no more than a small lump. Keep going!

Scalp Med before and after


Above are just 3 among many stories of Scalp Med before and after, and you can find all of them right on Scalp Med’s website. One thing to conclude from looking at all these Scalp Med before and after photos is that the product undoubtedly works extremely great. To save on these products, try using this Scalp Med coupon!


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