Hair loss is a greatly serious issue for many, especially those in their middle age and are facing aging. Therefore, a good many companies and brands have tried to create various solutions to this problem of hair loss, but most of their products fail to be effective. However, one brand has managed to stay innovative to deliver consistently good products – Scalp Med. In today’s Scalp Med hair loss review, let us take a look at the Amp Me Up spray, which guarantees quick and easy hair thickening! To get great Scalp Med products like this for less, try this Scalp Med coupon!

Scalp Med hair loss review – Spray your hair back!

Amp Me Up is a stand-alone hair and scalp spray product that guarantees to increase your hair volume which is a use process that is super easy! While it only comes third in our list of best-selling Scalp Med products of 2020, Amp Me Up’s usefulness will not fail you. Of course, to begin to understand why Amp Me Up is such a great product, let’s look at the issue of hair thinning first.

Scalp Med hair loss review

Beside hair loss, hair thinning is also a serious issue for some, especially when it creates strange-looking bald spots across your head. Hair thinning is mainly caused by genetics, but can also be made more serious by the misuse or overuse of several medications or any stressful events in your life. 

To cure hair thinning, Amp Me Up relies on the expertise of Scalp Med to provide your scalp provitamin B5 and panthenol – the 2 important ingredients to help thicken your hair shafts. What’s better, Amp Me Up works quickly and seamlessly through simple sprays that leave no sticky residual substance. The product also provides a range of benefits as stated on Scalp Med’s website itself: 

  • Provitamin B5 and Panthenol promote thicker hair shafts
  • Instantly adds volume for a fuller-looking head of hair with NO sticky mess
  • Comb or style your hair normally
  • Completely invisible and undetectable

With all those benefits for only $37.50, no wonder the Scalp Med hair loss review section is raving all about this product! 

‘I like the hair spray for women because it makes my hair feel and look thicker.’ – Susan C.

‘It really helped my thinning hair. It is a good compliment to the other maintenance hair products.’ – Kelvin D.

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Scalp Med hair loss review – Complimentary products

Now that you’ve hopefully been convinced to try out the Amp Me Up hair spray, Scalp Med also provides some other great products to compliment it. In today’s Scalp Med hair loss review, we’re taking a look at 2 of them!

Repair My Hair conditioner

Now that you’ve used your Amp Me Up product to quickly thicken your hair, it’s time to think about how to maintain it for a fresh and healthy head of hair. If you’ve read our article on what is Scalp Med, you would know that getting your hair back is just the first step. For long-term impact, you also need to make efforts to nurture your hair.

This is exactly what the Repair My Hair conditioner was born for – to repair and nourish your hair with essential plant extracts and 22 key amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These components have been carefully selected to match the nutritional needs of your hair and thus help it stay strong healthy. No wonder the Scalp Med hair loss review section of this product is so positive!

‘5 star, it is an excellent product.’ – Roberto G.

Grow My Hair supplement

Healthy hair starts inside out, and thus the use of ingestable supplements is highly recommended to aid hair spray solutions. With Scalp Med, you can easily do this using their Grow My Hair supplement pills, which contain important plant extracts and other essential nutrients to help your hair stay strong. Additionally, using Grow My Hair is simple, with just 1 pill required after breakfast everyday!


So that was it for our Scalp Med hair loss review. We have taken a look at the benefits and features of the Amp Me Up spray by Scalp Med, as well as suggest some complimentary products for you. To see more hair loss reviews and comparison, try Scalp Med vs Provillus. And to get some decent savings on Scalp Med products, remember to always use this Scalp Med coupon!


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