The problem of hair loss is a serious one for people in their middle age or older, as it can not only cause hair and scalp irritation or balding but also lower confidence. Understanding this, Scalp Med has come up with a diverse line-up of hair loss products that aims to treat hair loss once and for all, without leaving nasty side effects. So, what are some tips to be successful in Scalp Med hair regrowth? Well, let us cover the best 3 of them today! Also, don’t miss out on great savings using this Scalp Med coupon!

#1 Scalp Med hair regrowth tip – Be disciplined!

As with anything, making Scalp Med hair regrowth successful means you need to have discipline. As detailed in our article on how to use Scalp Med, the usage process is not difficult at all. In fact, it only takes 2 steps as below:

  • Step 1: Apply the NutriSOL solution by shaking it well and then spraying it directly onto your scalp 6 times. Use your hand to massage the NutriSOL into your hair each 2-3 sprays.
  • Step 2: Apply the Vitadil solution directly to your scalp in the same areas where you applied the NutriSOL. Do this 6 times and also massage the solution into your scalp after each 2-3 pumps.

Even with such a simple process, applying Scalp Med properly could be sometimes too bothersome for most. This is especially true if you’re just starting your Scalp Med hair regrowth journey or are often busy and pressed for time. 

So how do you stay disciplined? Well, first of all, it might be a good idea to set out a specific time of day where you can clear your schedule and focus on taking care of hair. For most, this would be some time during the evening. Having chosen a time, you should also set alarms or reminders on your phone’s calendar app to avoid forgetting about your hair care routine. 

As mentioned in our article on how to track Scalp Med results, you can also keep a journal of your Scalp Med hair regrowth to motivate you to stay disciplined. This journey could be kept anywhere – in a notebook, on your phone’s note app, or even a third-party app. It’s all up to you!

So that’s about it for our first tip. At the end of the day, different people will have different approaches to staying disciplined, but do know that discipline is a key factor in making your hair regrowth successful! Now, to get some decent savings on your Scalp Med products, how about trying out this Scalp Med discount code!

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#2 Scalp Med hair regrowth tip – Use supporting products

Treating hair loss is a systematic process, which involves not just stimulating hair regrowth but also nurturing hair to keep it strong. While Scalp Med’s Patented Hair Regrowth System does this very well, sometimes you do need to switch gears and use some supplementary items to boost your Scalp Med hair regrowth effectiveness. Here are some that we recommend!

Scalp Med Amp Me Up hair spray

If your problem is both hair loss and hair thinning, or maybe just the latter, then Amp Me Up is definitely for you! Our article on Scalp Med reviews of Amp Me Up explains in detail why this product is such a good fit for people facing the problem above, but here’s a short summary.

Scalp Med hair regrowth

Scalp Med’s Amp Me Up spray includes provitamin B5 and panthenol – the 2 important ingredients to help thicken your hair shafts. This means that with just a few sprays, you can significantly boost your hair volume while leaving no sticky residue.

Scalp Med TerraVi shampoo

Our article on the Scalp Med shampoo – Terravi – has revealed what kind of benefits it has for your Scalp Med hair regrowth. TerraVi gives you a perfect combination of essential amino acids, palmetto plant, green tea, nettle, hops, chamomile extracts, and other ingredients that helps strengthen your hair and promote hair regrowth. 

Being minoxidil-free, this product provides nature-based healing for your hair, rather than chemically formulated solutions. What’s better, you can use this as your normal shampoo, and such it spares the inconvenience of having to use another separate hair loss product.

#3 Scalp Med hair regrowth tip – Track your results!

When you’re just starting your Scalp Med hair regrowth, the prospects might be a little daunting and disheartening. As we have said many times, hair regrowth is a long-term process that can’t just take place over 1 or 2 weeks. Thus, how do you find motivation to keep it up?

Well, we suggest to continuously track your results, either by frequently taking photos, writing journal entries, or using an app. You won’t immediately see your Scalp Med hair regrowth results at first, but after a while it really shows! Just check out our article on Scalp Med before and after photos to see!


In summary, those have been our best 3 tips for anyone wanting to keep up with their Scalp Med hair regrowth journey. We hope you have found some inspiration from this article to keep going with your hair loss treatment. If you have, why not use this Scalp Med coupon now to save lots on their products!


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