Hair loss is a serious problem for people in their middle age and older, which can cause loss of confidence or even severe skin problems. To address this issue, several brands have released their own hair loss treatment products, but those often come with nasty side effects or unsuccessful results. Of course, this is with the notable exception of Scalp Med. So what makes it great? Our answer: Scalp Med ingredients! Read the article below to see what’s the hottest thing about these ingredients, and use this Scalp Med coupon to save lots on their products!

Scalp Med ingredients – Vitadil

As mentioned a lot of time in our previous articles, Vitadil is the essential minoxidil carrier component for Scalp Med. Minoxidil topical is a common substance used to treat hair loss and can be found in almost any hair loss products. This is because minoxidil is very effective at stimulating hair regrowth and ensuring a full lush head of hair for you. However, minoxidil have also been known to cause a range of side effects for hair loss users.

Scalp Med ingredients

That being said, the Vitadil component in Scalp Med ingredients have been FDA-approved and regulated at a controlled level of minoxidil. Specifically, as mentioned in our Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments article, Scalp Med only includes 5% of minoxidil to guarantee against harmful side effects, especially sexual ones. This means you can enjoy hair regrowth without being worried of any or all side effects that may make your experience worse.

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Scalp Med ingredients – NutriSOL

As said in our article on what is Scalp Med, achieving hair regrowth doesn’t stop at just stimulating your hair to let it grow back. While many hair loss products take this approach to show quick results to their users, it is not sustainable in the long run. In fact, hair loss is mainly caused by the lack of nutrients delivered to the hair follicles, and so a good hair loss treatment should aim not just to regrow hair, but also to re-nurture it.

This is where NutriSOL comes in. Being a multi-patented exclusive component to Scalp Med ingredients, NutriSOL promotes the retention of vital nutrients in the hair follicles. These nutrients include oxygen, vitamins, and proteins, which serve to help your hair stay strong and healthy naturally. Therefore, by using NutriSOL among Scalp Med ingredients, you are not only ensuring short-term hair regrowth, but also long-term hair nourishment. This helps to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment while also keeping it natural and safe for your hair and scalp. 

Scalp Med ingredients – Phyto-Complex

While not among the main Scalp Med ingredients, Phyto-Complex is still an amazing component to help treat hair loss. This substance can be found in the Grow My Hair supplements, which are aimed to be used alongside Scalp Med hair solutions. If you buy the Patented Hair Regrowth System for either men/women, these supplements come as free gifts, as mentioned in our best-selling Scalp Med products of 2020.

Among Scalp Med ingredients, Phyto-Complex is special in that it is mainly used to provide nutrients to the hair roots and shafts. The nutrients here include pure Sitosterol, Zinc, Biotin, Niacin, Selenium, Saw Palmetto Extract, Horsetail Extract, Green Tea, Linolenic Acid, Turmeric Extract, and Bamboo extract. These ensure stronger hair while limiting side effects at the same time!


So that has been it for our article on why Scalp Med ingredients are the best. We hope you have learned more about Scalp Med products through this article and are ready to order. If so, save yourself some money now with this Scalp Med coupon!

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