Hair loss is a serious issue for older millennials and middle-aged people. The issue is often caused by lack of nutrients in the hair follicles. To combat this, many treatments are created, most of which being based on minoxidil topical. However, there are also some truly innovative solutions to hair loss – one of which being Scalp Med. Today, let us take a look at Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments to see which one is more effective. To get some Scalp Med products for less, try this Scalp Med coupon!

Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments – The similarities

Since both types of treatments eventually aim to solve the problem of hair loss, there are some clear similarities between Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments. First of all, despite its innovative formulas, one key component of Scalp Med is still minoxidil. This makes it quite similar in terms of key ingredients to other treatments based on this component. 

Another similarity might be in how Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments are applied. As they share a common key ingredient, they are both often applied directly to the scalp. This ensures the liquid is aptly spread into the skin and hair follicles.

Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments – The differences

Now that we’ve seen quite some similarities between these 2 types of treatments, let’s take a look at the differences between Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments.

Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments – Ingredients

While it is true that there is a key ingredient that both Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments share, Scalp Med far excels in terms of innovative ingredients. 

scalp med vs minoxidil

To be specific, Scalp Med includes 2 key components: Vitadil and NutriSol, which are multi-patented and FDA-approved for maximum effectiveness. Vitadil is the main carrier of minoxidil in Scalp Med and is tested safe for direct use on your scalp. The concentration of minoxidil is 5%, which is just enough not to cause any side effects.

Scalp Med also contains NutriSol, which is really the star of the show when it comes to their innovation. Being multi-patented and exclusive to Scalp Med, this component helps prevent hair loss by, quite simply, promoting hair growth. It does so by nourishing hair follicles and allowing oxygen and nutrients to stay longer in it. 

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On the other hand, several minoxidil-based treatments simply contain different concentrations of minoxidil. While it is true that this component can help treat hair loss, it is simply not enough to nurture strong hair on its own. Additionally, high levels of minoxidil can cause some nasty side effects.

Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments – Ease-of-use

When it comes to hair loss products, ease of use is quite an important area to consider since they do take quite a while to apply. This is where both types of treatment even out in our Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatment comparison.

For most minoxidil treatments, the process is simple enough. Some treatments only require you to apply the gel/liquid/solution directly onto your scalp, wait a while, and then wash it away. However, some also complicate the process by adding in supplement pills and other supporting lotions.

As for Scalp Med, the usage process can be summed up in 2 simple steps as detailed in our article on how to use Scalp Med

  • Step 1: Apply NutriSol directly to your scal 4-6 times. Use your hand to work the solution into your scalp after 2-3 sprays.
  • Step 2: Apply Vitadil directly onto your scalp 6 times. Massage the liquid into your scalp after every 2 pumps.

Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments – Price

Price is another key factor to consider when comparing Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatments. This is actually where Scalp Med might be losing to other minoxidil-based treatments.

An average set of minoxidil treatments may include a few gel bottles and 1 or 2 jars of supplements. These go altogether for around $80-100.

However, due to its innovative formulas and top-notch ingredients, a set of Scalp Med products could set you back up to $200. To help you fight hair loss and save quite a bit, we have collected some amazing Scalp Med coupon here!


So that was it for our Scalp Med vs minoxidil treatment comparison. We have compared the similarities and differences between these types of treatment for a better understanding of which is superior. For more product comparisons, how about Scalp Med vs Provillus. 


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