It is a well-known fact that hair loss can be an inevitable part of growing older. While there are a lot of products out there that claim to treat hair loss, most do not provide good results. Worse, there are some that may bring some harmful side effects that could seriously affect your health. Today, let us make a comparison between Scalp Med vs Rogaine – the 2 top brands for hair loss treatment. To save lots on Scalp Med products, try using this Scalp Med coupon code!

The similaritiesScalp Med vs Rogaine

Being both hair loss treatments, there are certainly a few similarities between these 2 brands. For example, they both contain minoxidil topical – the key component for hair loss treatment as detailed in our article on what Scalp Med is. 

Additionally, both Scalp Med vs Rogaine requires you to establish a routine of administering the product twice a day. They also both come in the form of easy-to-use gels that come out of plastic containers. 

The differences between Scalp Med vs Rogaine

IngredientsScalp Med vs Rogaine –

While both Scalp Med and Rogaine are based on the minoxidil topical component, their individual ingredients greatly vary. This is actually where Scalp Med shines the brightest, with the multi-patented components that make Scalp Med hair growth so great.

Scalp Med vs Rogaine

Specifically, Scalp Med includes the 2 key ingredients Vitadil and NutriSol – both of which are highly innovative formulas to cure hair loss. Being the main minoxidil carrier, Vitadil holds most of what makes up the 5% minoxidil concentration in Scalp Med. Vitadil is FDA-approved and offers just the right amount of minoxidil to cure hair loss without causing side effects.

What makes Scalp Med great, however, is the NutriSol component exclusive only to this brand. NutriSol allows for longer lasting oxygen and nutrients in the follicle and therefore reduces the conditions for hair loss and enables hair regrowth. To see its effect in ful action, check out the Scalp Med before and after!

Meanwhile, if we look at Rogaine, its only major hair loss treatment component is minoxidil topical, which comes at 2% and 5% concentrations. While it certainly works, it may cause some nasty side effects for people whose bodies naturally respond negatively to minoxidil.

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Ease-of-useScalp Med vs Rogaine

Ease-of-use is another important aspect to compare when it comes to Scalp Med and Rogaine. Rogaine actually excels in terms of ease-of-use, as it only requires you to apply the solution once and that’s it. 

Scalp Med vs Rogaine

If you want to use Scalp Med for hair growth, however, there would be 2 steps needed:

  • Step 1: Apply NutriSol directly to your scalp in 4-6 sprays. Make sure to use your hand to massage the solution into your scalp after 2-3 sprays.
  • Step 2: Apply Vitadil directly onto your scalp in the same areas where you applied NutriSol. Do this 6 times and be sure to massage the liquid into your scalp after every 2 pumps.

AvailabilityScalp Med vs Rogaine

Availability is perhaps where these 2 brands tie out. Both Scalp Med vs Rogaine are widely available in the US, but on different channels.

While Rogaine can be found almost in any drugstore and pharmacy, Scalp Med is mainly available on ecommerce platforms. This gives you the option to save quite a bit using digital coupons, such as this Scalp Med coupon.

While one gives you the option to come buy in person, the other gives you ease of ordering and free shipping. So the choice is really yours here!


Overall, we hope you’ve had a great time reading and have learned the differences between Scalp Med vs Rogaine. To get your Scalp Med for less, try our coupons listed above, and be sure to visit Couponrich for more great deals!

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