As wearing a face mask has become more and more important to limit the spread of coronavirus, most people consider buying cloth masks for all family members. However, it is often complicated when it comes to masks for kids due to requirements of size and materials to fit the kids. Today we will share with you SendUsMasks reviews which is one of the best masks for kids. Let’s check it all now!

Sendusmasks Reviews: Novel fabric for sensitive skin of kids

First of all, SendUsMasks is made from 100% cotton, which is high quality and breathable to offer the best comfort for kids. High-quality material sewn by innovative technology  is the most favorite feature that customers often mention in SendUsMasks reviews. Moreover, cotton is lightweight and gentle on skin, thereby not irritating your kids skin with long term use. In particular, as most kids often feel uncomfortable to wear masks throughout the day, novel fabrics of SendUsMasks offer extra softness and prevent sweating to keep your kids feel cool even in the most fierce weather.

Sendusmasks Reviews: Novel fabric for sensitive skin of kids

Finally, 2-Ply Mask which is 2 layers of high quality cotton sewn together comes in the masks to fully protect you from any external bacteria or virus. On the other hand, this type of material is machine-washable to facilitate you in daily hygiene and clean, especially in this pandemic. 

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Sendusmasks Reviews: Great size for kids

Another factor that makes SendUsMasks the best for kids is its size. SendUsMasks offer a kid size of 10cm to cover their full face but still ensure comfort for them. The masks cover from top to bottom underneath their chin, which provide extra protection from virus, dust and other bacteria. If the kid size masks do not fit your kids, you can adjust the mask by using ear loop adjusters coming with the masks to adjust until they reach suitable size. 

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Sendusmasks Reviews: Well-designed masks for kids

Design is an essential factor to consider when buying masks for your kids. With SendUsMasks, you may be amazed by its creative and useful design. Metal nose pieces are sewn in the mask to secure the mask in place. This nose piece is also the feature that most people love and feel satisfied when using the masks. Secondly, filter pocket opening located at the bottom of the mask to add your own filter in between the layers. This feature is optional, you may add or not add the filter. For those who want to take more precautions, they often add filters to enjoy more security and protection. Remember to use SendUsMasks discount code to get 10% off your orders on SendUsMasks shopping.

Sendusmasks Reviews: Well-designed masks for kids

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Sendusmasks Reviews: Affordable price

Last but not least, price is one of the key factors we want to mention. SendUsMasks comes at a reasonable price for everyone. You can choose a pack of 2 masks at just $30 CAD, but if you order more masks, for example, a pack of 5 masks for your kids, it only costs $35 CAD. Moreover, SendUsMasks frequently offers a variety of attractive promotion programs and seasonal sales to push their revenue. Therefore, you can apply their SendUsMasks promo code to save your money and own the favorite pack of masks.

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Above are SendUsMasks reviews about kids size masks regarding their quality, size and price. We hope that you can feel it useful and make up your mind to choose a suitable pack of masks for your kids. Don’t forget to use SendUsMasks coupon to save up to $10 when buying SendUsMasks items.


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