When it comes to purchasing home furniture items, you might just be lost within options. There are so many items to get, and so many retailers to choose. Well, if you’re specifically looking for curtain sets, let us help you out by recommending Snow City Shop, a well-respected curtain making company. With over a decade in the business of both making and retailing curtains, Snow City knows what it takes to make a good curtain. And while there are many reasons why their products are worth it, you can still benefit from a little saving. In this article, let us take a look at some SnowCityShop coupon code and some other ways to save on their products!

#1 Way to save – SnowCityShop coupon code

Whatever one might say, coupons remain one of the most surefire ways to get a discount on any type of product. With any SnowCityShop coupon code, you can simply enter their code, click ‘Apply’ and you’re set! No questions asked, and no complicated terms apply. Most coupons come with very clear usage instructions that guarantee that you get what you hoped for.

How much can you save using SnowCityShop coupon code?

At CouponRich, we provide you the best SnowCityShop coupon code to help you cut back on expenses for every purchase. Currently our best coupon for Snow city gives you 15% off on orders over $160, and 20% off on orders over $380. To help you estimate how much you’re saving, here’s an example we have for you. Let’s say you’re buying the #1 best-selling outdoor curtain on Snow City, which costs from $22.99 to $44.99, depending on the size you choose. With a 15% saving, your curtain set now essentially costs $19! Since you often buy more than 1 curtain set, think about how that saving will multiply!

Of course, a drawback of the coupon above is that you need to purchase in bulk of $160 to really benefit from its savings. Therefore, we also have another coupon for you that guarantees a 10% discount on any order at snowcityshop.com. With this coupon, you can save anywhere from $3 – $10 on each curtain set you purchase, and the larger the order, the more you save! And that’s just 2 among the many SnowCityShop coupon code we can offer you here at CouponRich, so why not check them out now! 

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How to use SnowCityShop coupon code?

Now that you’ve decided to pick up some SnowCityShop coupon code, the question is how to use them. Well, here at CouponRich, we aim to make using a coupon as easy as possible, and therefore we’ve minimized the number of steps needed to use a coupon as below:

  • Step 1: Click on the coupon you want to use.
  • Step 2: The coupon should pop up on your screen. Click “Copy” to copy your coupon code.
  • Step 3: Buy the Snow City Shop product you want and proceed to check out.
  • Step 4: At check out, find the “Coupon code” box and press Ctrl + V to paste the coupon code. Then click “Apply” and enjoy your savings!

#2 Way to save – Watch out for Snow City offers

Snow City is not only known for their great products, but also for some very generous Snow City offers. Anytime you visit their online shop, there’s a chance there’s a sale going on, which you can take advantage of.

Currently, a good offer is the Veteran Day sale, which gives you upto 18% off on orders of 4 items or more. This is a good way to save if you’re looking to buy curtains in bulk to equip your new house or to replace old ones. Shop quickly to get your deal!

Another good offer by Snow City is their subscription discount, which gives you 8% off when you subscribe to their mailing list. Once subscribed, you will receive update emails from Snow City to let you know of the latest products and deals, and you can unsubscribe anytime. The downside of this when compared to SnowCityShop coupon code is that it is only a one-time saving offer.

#3 Way to save – Benefit from Snow City free shipping

Snow City is quite generous with their free shipping, and this can be used to save quite a bit if you do not have access to SnowCityShop coupon code. Specifically, shipping will be free for any order of $60 or more. You can learn more about Snow City’s shipping policy to know all the details on their services.

Snow City’s free shipping policy is a great way to benefit from buying items in bulk, or buying curtains together with your friend. As long as your order gets above $60, you do not have to worry to spend a dime on getting it to you!


So that was it for our article on the many ways to save when shopping at Snow City Shop. While there are viable alternatives, using SnowCityShop coupon code still seems to be the most surefire way to get decent discounts. And if you’re up for it, check out this SnowCityShop coupon code now!


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