Curtains are great home decoration items that can spice up your living spaces like no other! Among the hundreds or thousands of home furniture companies out there, it might be hard to choose a good brand that offers exceptional quality curtains for your lovely house. Today, let us introduce you to Snow City – a brand that specializes in nothing but beautifully made curtains, with a wide variety of products. To see the true quality of their products, what better to look for than some Snow City curtain reviews! To save on their products, try out all these SnowCityShop coupon code on CouponRich!

Snow City curtain reviews – An introduction

Before diving into some Snow City curtain reviews, let us take a look at the brand and its products to get an idea first! Snow City was founded in 2008 as a home furniture company that focuses on pumping out the best curtain products out there. Their products are guaranteed the best quality thanks to the systematic production with their own factories while also abiding by international standards.

Snow City curtain reviews

Snow City products range from outdoor curtains and black out to customizable curtains and even some cute little ornaments to decorate your sheers! Their outdoor curtains are strictly waterproof and offer a light shade that’s enough to give you plenty of privacy while also looking very comfortable. Meanwhile, their indoor blackout options are not only diverse, but also quite intricate with some chic designs and even a fireproof option for extra safety. And if you’re looking for stand-alone sheers or rods, they have those on offer too! 

So that’s a round-up of what Snow City is all about. Now that you know the brand, it’s time to see what people are talking about it via these Snow City curtain reviews. To get Snow City products for less, try using this SnowCityShop coupon code!

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Snow City curtain reviews – Let’s hear them!

Now that you’ve had a good look at what Snow City products are like, you might be wondering how good they really are. Well, a good way to assess any product’s quality online is through objective reviews, and so we’ve collected a few Snow City curtain reviews right here for you!

“They are wonderful Love Love Love them for my front porch blocks out all of the sunlight & they are so elegant i have received so many compliments & asked where did I get the curtains from & why did they have rings at the bottom also so I told them why the rings were also at the bottom and that I brought the curtains from Snowcity!! Thank you Snow City & it definitely keeps the rain out!!” – Mary Lawson L.

“We love our curtains. They make our deck into another room when they are closed and help on the cool mornings so we can be outside. Sometimes we pull all the curtains closed and sometimes just a couple of the curtains. We are 100% satisfied.” – Mary B.

“We ordered the tab top outdoor waterproof curtains in teal blue in a custom size for our gazebo. We wanted them short so we could see out at the top and still have privacy in our hot tub. They are awesome! Exactly what we expected. Great quality and very fast service! Ordered on March 26, 2020 and received them April 16, 2020. We hung them using  an 1/8th inch cable and PanoRail swageless hardware. We will be ordering again for more color changes.” – Kevin W.

“The burgundy blackout curtains exceeded my expectations, thank you! Really smooth, supple and Dark. Great value.” – Steve R.


So that’s about it for this article on the Snow City curtain reviews! There are definitely some really positive reviews of their products out there, along with some minor complaints, which are to be expected. At the end of the day, we think Snow City does put on some great offers for curtains. If you’re looking to buy one of their products, see if you can save using these SnowCityShop coupon code. And if you’re still wondering how to choose one, check out our guide on choosing outdoor curtains.


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