You may go to stifle the thunderous snorts and buzz-saw growls of a spouse or roommate, just so you can get a good night’s sleep? Dozens of anti-snoring devices crowd the market, ranging from slightly absurd to moderately tortuous. We collected some fun facts about the SleepEz anti snoring device. Take a look below.

Sleepez anti snoring device: Features

Sleepez anti snoring device helps prevent snoring for a restful night of sleep.The simplest form of an anti-snoring chin strap consists of a cup made of fabric to provide support to the chin, and straps that go up the sides of the face and around the top of the head. It stabilizes the jaw and prevents snoring and heavy breathing during sleep. How can a Sleepez anti snoring device help to reduce this bad habit?

Sleepez anti snoring device: Features
  • This device helps prevent snoring to improve sleep, reduce dry mouth and sore throat in the morning, and increase REM sleep. (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • Stabilizes the jaw in place to maintain a forward position, keeping the mouth closed and preventing the tongue and throat tissues from blocking airways
  • Made of Neoprene. Adjustable strap with built-in earholes for a comfortable fit

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Sleepez anti snoring device: Types of anti-snoring device

There are a variety of snoring devices on the market but many of them function on a basis. Before choosing a Sleepez anti snoring device, you should know types of them. There are 4 main types of anti-snoring devices.

#1 To open the airway

When you sleep, the back of your throat relaxes. That narrows your airway and, as you’re breathing in, it causes it to vibrate. Thus, many anti-snoring products are aimed at opening up that airway, or the tunnels that lead to it. For example, you can buy hollow nose plugs that, instead of closing the nostrils, prop them open.

#1 To open the airway

Moreover, if you have a deviated septum or something like that, those could help open up your nose and decrease snoring but they won’t help everyone because most snoring appears in the back of your throat.

#2 To force sleepers to turn on their sides

Other devices are designed to force sleepers to turn on their sides. Sleeping on your back makes your tongue block your airway a little, sort of like the skinny part of a balloon, when you let air out of it. Therefore, some devices combine straps and pillows that make sleeping on your back uncomfortable — or poke you if you roll over.

#2 To force sleepers to turn on their sides

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#3 Sleepez anti snoring device: Chin strap

There are also chin straps aimed at repositioning your jaw in a way that opens the airway. They might work for some people. And Sleep Ez is this type of device.

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You may see detailed reviews of Sleep Ez snoring device to know more about this device.

#4 Other types of device

Devices that gently poke and prod might help some snorers. Eventually, some people do stop sleeping on their backs, to avoid being jabbed to consciousness. If that’s not annoying enough, there are more insistent devices: wristbands that send a little electric shock every time you snore.

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We just showed you some facts about the SleepEz anti snoring device, hoping that you can have a better understanding about this device. Don’t forget to use the Sleep Ez coupon code to save up to 30% your orders. 


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