RELX is undoubtedly a major name in the vape industry. RELX products are known for their innovative features and designs that are tailored to both beginner and advanced vapers. But have you ever stopped to wonder what is the story behind such a young yet successful brand? Today, let us discover the people and stories behind what makes RELX what it is. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab this RELX coupon to save on your RELX buys!

A spirit of perseverance – The origins of RELX products

“The cigarette industry is a century-old industry, which has fluctuated in the fields of industry, culture, commerce, economy and war all over the world. The year 2020 is approaching. Yuequan RELX was born three years ago to “live in the future” of the global Millennium generation. We are ready to meet the ups and downs of this new industry – worldwide.” This simple statement by Kate Wang, co-founder and CEO of RELX, encapsulates the explorative spirit that makes their products so great.

The innovation story behind RELX and RELX products

The former student of the Columbia University Business School used to be a heavy smoker herself, but has quitted in light of health concerns. Therefore, she pours her effort into creating vape products to help traditional smokers to transition to a healthier alternative. The team that joins her come from notable backgrounds themselves, some of which being former employees from companies such as Huawei and Uber.

And together, they share the same drive to create the best RELX products. “I was obsessed with the classic images of smoking in the 1950s movies, and worried about my father who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. There are a lot of people in the world, in China and I, so I made this choice”, said Ms.Wang. 

A world without cigarettes – A vision for RELX products

Clearly stated on the RELX website is their succinct vision: ‘A world without cigarettes’. Ever since its formation, RELX has been on the journey to drive the transformation of the world’s 1 billion smokers to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We can see this in RELX products (such as the RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha), which are heavily researched and developed to aid with the process of transitioning away from traditional tobacco. 

The innovation story behind RELX and RELX products

However, the true core of all that RELX does and all RELX products lies in what RELX stands for. As cleverly detailed on its website, RELX is a name that represents: 

  • Responsibility: It is within the fabric of RELX’s DNA to acknowledge problems and they are always committed to creating solutions for customers and the world we live in. RELX manufactures e-cigarettes as a quality alternative to combustible cigarettes
  • Empathy: RELX doesn’t design to ensnare, but to empower. They work to improve the lives of smokers who find it difficult to quit combustible cigarettes, and to design products such as the revolutionary RELX Alpha that allow them to switch over to harm-reduction products
  • Leadership: Creating high-quality products and experiences that set the bar higher, and investing in people and R&D projects to find better solutions in science, technology, and design
  • (e)Xperience: RELX utilizes the power of technology and design with a human approach to provide better products and customer experience

RELX’s crystal clear vision makes it stand out from competitors as a brand not only for vapers, but for people who want to live healthier lives while bettering the world. If you want to get your RELX products today, remember to use this RELX coupon code to save plenty!

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The future of RELX and RELX products

“As a consumer brand born in China and facing the global market, RELX thanks the times, every partner and the users who trust us,” Kate Wang said at RELX 2018. “We should shoulder social responsibility, be responsible for the safety of consumers and the healthy growth of adolescents. To this end, RELX set up a Social Responsibility Group, which joined hands with China Poverty Alleviation Office to engage in public welfare undertakings at the beginning of the company’s establishment.”

Ms.Wang’s statement follows an injection of investment capital from 2 new investors IDG and Sequoia. This is surely great news for RELX, and they announce that the financing funds will go directly to the R&D of RELX products, as well as to upgrading their user experience.

Looking to the future, RELX is seeking to join hands with experts, scholars and research institutes to generate more health-related solutions in both the vape industry and other sectors alike. Additionally, they are still on their original track, to use the power of technology to benefit smokers globally through RELX products.


The story of RELX is one of amazing efforts to advance in the industry of vape and the science of health. With current RELX products, the company is already making a name for itself, and is still looking to expand. To get your hands on a RELX e cig at reduced prices, simply input this RELX coupon code!


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