Chiropractic care can treat a myriad of health problems, and help you enhance your posture, relieve uncomfortable symptoms, and improve your overall health. It is more preferable and affordable compared to other treatment options. Then, how much does a chiropractor cost? Many factors affect the cost of chiropractic treatment. We will dig in below so you can have basic understandings and considerations of the budget for your treatment.

So, how much a chiropractor cost?

Overall, chiropractic services range from approximately $30 to $200 per session. and the cost of chiropractor services varies depending on their types. For example, there may be no charge on the first consultation a chiropractor, while a typical therapy session is charged about $65 on average. The expense of chiropractic services increases when you undergo more intensive or advanced care. Generally, you must get chiropractic treatments repeatedly on a frequent basis for a certain period to remain their effectiveness. 

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The real cost of the chiropractic service

The real cost of the chiropractic service

Your chiropractor may use some sophisticated technologies or others to complement and enhance your treatment. Therefore, make sure you ask about the specific costs related to these pieces of equipment so that you can estimate your expenses and choose which types of advanced therapy may be suitable for you.

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Radiography includes several types of medical imaging, from traditional x-rays to CT scans, also known as computerized to assess your posture and overall well being. It is to get a baseline image of your musculoskeletal system to use for your treatment signs of progress and monitor its effectiveness. X-rays typically cost between $45 and $150, quite less expensive compared to CT scans. 

MRI scanning: 

MRI scanning, also known as magnetic resonance imaging, helps the chiropractor get in-depth information about your health, especially your musculoskeletal system. These tests usually cost $100 to $400 and even more expensive in some areas. Although an MRI is more costly than many other tools, it is very thorough and popular for diagnosing various symptoms. 


Thermography is a test that measures the heat and energy that your nerves and other soft tissues emit. The results appear on a colored or black-and-white map of your body to highlight areas of discomfort, pain, or disorder. For patients who want to avoid radiation exposure such as X-rays, thermography is an ideal alternative. Thermographic testing can cost between $200 and $500.

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Electromyography (EMG): 

Chiropractor Electromyography (EMG)

Some chiropractors use surface electromyography, or SEMG, to measure the electrical activity of muscles. This test gives the chiropractor pivotal information about how your muscles are used or even muscle reduced function to point out joint or spinal problems. This costs $200 or more.


Diathermy is a type of electromagnetic therapy to heat the tissue and support its relaxation. Chiropractors usually use diathermy after an adjustment as an extra therapy to improve their work. Heated pads are placed on the skin, much like electrodes for an EKG. Diathermy may be included in your treatment cost. Otherwise, you might have to pay the cost ranges between $10 and $40.

Adjustment tables: 

Chiropractor mate: Adjustment tables:

Most chiropractors use tables looking like special massage tables to perform adjustments and diagnostic procedures. Chiropractors use a variety of different techniques such as modify, massage, and manipulation of the joints while the patients rest on these adjustment tables in many positions. Many types of adjustment tables are available on the market, from basic designs to advanced computerized systems that can be used to perform adjustments. The more sophisticated tables are, there higher your treatment costs.

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Hydrotherapy systems: 

Hydrotherapy is water therapy, in which chiropractors use a pool or special bath, sometimes add extra wraps or saunas. The joint exposure to hot and cold water can help boost circulation, stimulate healing, and provide pain relief. Hydrotherapy systems run the gamut of price and can cost ranging from $50 to $500 depending on how sophisticated they are.

Ultrasound therapy: 

Ultrasound therapy is an inexpensive treatment that provides relief for many patients. By passing ultrasonic waves through the tissue of the body, ultrasound therapy can relieve uncomfortable symptoms, muscle spasms, and enhance your joint function. Ultrasound techniques can help remove tightness and inflammation while stimulating circulation and motion. This therapy usually costs about $20 to $25 per session.

Laser treatment: 

Your chiropractor may apply carefully calibrated pulses of light to highly specific areas of the body to help mitigate uncomfortable symptoms, relieve swelling, and assist with sports injuries. Laser chiropractic therapy is often expensive, it can cost several hundred dollars or more.

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Chiropractic roller table: 

In addition to the traditional adjustment tables, some chiropractic doctors use roller tables to provide massage, traction, and other treatments. Although chiropractors often don’t charge per use for it, chiropractic roller tables may be reflected in the chiropractor’s total treatment cost.

Electrical muscular stimulation: 

Electrical muscular stimulation is the treatment that uses electrodes on your skin to transmit energy from a machine to the body. It can alleviate muscle spasms and help mitigate swelling and pain. The most popular form of this treatment is TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators). Electrical muscular stimulation can cost between $20 and $250 per treatment, based on the type used.

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Professional Massage Gun MG01

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Neck and Shoulder Massager SM1

Chiropractor mate: Neck and Shoulder Massager SM1

Flexispot Massager SM1 with heat and rollers can help relax leg muscles. Moreover, it will also contribute to full-body relaxation and diminishment of stress and anxiety. It will help you relieve your neck, shoulder, back, buttocks, thighs, or any other areas you want to. In addition, this Flexispot massager features optional infrared heat to provide soothing warmth and improve blood circulation. It also alleviates body muscle aches, cramps and tension. There are 3 speed strength levels which allow you to get the right and proper amount of pressure to mitigate your muscle pain.

Back Massager BM1

Flexispot Back Massager BM1 features powerful percussion mode to effectively break up knots and release tension in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and abdomen. By this way, it helps to reduce stress, and enhance overall health and wellness.

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After reading this article, you may know well the real cost of a chiropractor. Don’t forget to purchase Flexispot healthy massagers to use at home and improve your overall well-being. A lot of Flexispot coupon codes are available here for you to save up to $50. 


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