Congratulations for making a wise choice if you’re looking for a silk bedding accessory! A silk product is a fantastic beauty and health investment. It can help keep your skin and hair hydrated while you sleep, prevent tangles, breakage, and bedhead, and minimize sleep wrinkles. Moveover, it represents the height of luxury. And Thxsilk is the perfect brand to offer you all of it. Read our blog of Thxsilk reviews below to know more details.

Thxsilk reviews: Pillowcase with the best quality

Our goal at Thxsilk is to provide the best silk on the planet at fair and reasonable prices. Thus, they manufacture the best silk pillowcase that has ever been seen. We will begin Thxsilk reviews with the characteristics of Thxsilk pillowcases.

Thxsilk reviews: Pillowcase with the best quality


– Thxsilk pillowcase is ten times superior to a pillowcase made of faux silk and polyester (can absolutely feel the difference in texture and quality)

– Silk that is 100 percent pure yet not too thin (22 momme)

– Features an invisible zipper to prevent slipping off the pillow.

– Withstood washing and drying well, maintaining its luster and softness (following the recommended instructions)

– Expensive for the quality

– White is a true color (see photo for comparison to traditional white sheets)

– One of the few Oeko-Tex tested silk pillowcases!


-Requires hand washing and air drying

-After applying this, any cotton or polyester pillowcase appears to be made of sandpaper.

Customer reviews

“Due to my extremely sensitive skin and significant allergy issues, I have tried many different types of silk pillowcases. Of all the ones I have tried, THXSILK has been by far the best source for mulberry silk bedding products; they look and feel opulent and have given me the feeling that I am sleeping on a cloud every night. Additionally, I must admit that since switching to silk sheets, I haven’t once woken up sweating from using other types of sheets. Instead, I feel cuddly and have the ideal amount of breathability, which keeps me at the ideal temperature from head to toe. Definitely would suggest it to anyone. Additionally, I purchased some silk pillowcases for my entire family to use.” – Mike Gerold from Seattle, WA.

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Thxsilk reviews: Silk Sheets for a better sleep

The next we want to mention in Thxsilk reviews is its silk sheets. Thxsilk sheets fabric is made of 100% 19 momme mulberry silk, with 400 thread count. Moreover, please kindly note the top of the flat sheet is very flat without a cuff. It also gets the International Certification of OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Thxsilk reviews: Silk Sheets for a better sleep

We recommend Thxsilk is perfect for hot and cold sleepers. Silk’s natural temperature-regulating properties keep you comfortable in every season. Silk Sheets can effectively reduce hot or cold irregularities when sleeping by wicking moisture from the body and adjusting to body temperature. Additionally, using Thxsilk sheets has multiple benefits, such as super soft, comfy and smooth yet breathable, best for skin care, anti aging; anti-allergenic, no shifting perfect for allergy sufferers.

Customer reviews

“This fabric’s softness is wonderful. Usually, I’m always hot. These blankets are often cozy and provide a cooling effect. I haven’t washed the sheets yet because it’s just been five days, so I can’t comment on what happens after the washer. I have a queen bed, but I ordered a king since in the past, my semi-thick eggshell pillow top has caused me problems with sheets fitting properly. As it should be, the king is too huge for my queen. The sheets should therefore be accurate to size. They were accompanied by a few fasteners. Simply put, I gave up on them. Although there is a small amount of extra luggage on the sides, it still fits my bed and is flat.” – Jessica Rossie from Atlanta, GA.

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Thxsilk reviews: Fantastic cool blanket

One of the best sellers we want to take a look at in Thxsilk reviews is Blanket. Thxsilk blanket fabric – Filler is 100% top grade 7A mulberry silk. Its cover is 100% top grade 19 momme mulberry silk fabric. All those items earned OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification – Proven by the Oeko-Tex certification, which ensures that the fabric and filling material was constructed without any use of harmful chemicals.

Thxsilk reviews: Fantastic cool blanket

In addition, THXSILK’s silk is a natural fiber, and its hypoallergenic quality helps to eliminate allergies and asthma, which could be caused by cotton and other synthetic fibers. The natural temperature-regulating qualities of silk keep you cozy all year long. By wicking moisture from the body and responding to body temperature, it can successfully eliminate hot or cold abnormalities when sleeping. With its High-Quality Craftsmanship and Design, Thxsilk is a great gift idea for special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas or anniversaries.

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We just show you a list of top 3 bestsellers of Thxsilk and all of Thxsilk reviews. We hope that you can make up your mind to choose a great item for your better sleep. Don’t forget to use Thxsilk coupon code to save up to $160 of your orders. Click here!

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