RELX is a major name in the vape industry, best known for incorporating innovative technologies into their products. For someone starting out with vaping, it might be difficult to know which RELX vape to choose. Well, worry not, as our guide is here to help you out!

At the end of this guide, you will not only know which factor to consider but also get some recommendations from us. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to use this RELXNOW coupon to save on your first purchase.

Choosing a RELX vape – Questions to consider

There are an abundance of questions to ask yourself when choosing a vape kit. Is a RELX kit safe? How portable is it? How long can it last? The list literally goes on, and these factors might be related to your personal preferences or the attributes of the vape product itself.

What’s the ideal size and weight for your RELX vape?

While this isn’t what people normally consider a priority when choosing a vape kit, you would be surprised how much heavier a vape pen feels compared to a traditional cigarette. A larger vape pen can also take up quite a bit more room in your pocket. Make sure you consider portability when choosing your RELX vape kit!

How much vapor do you want out of your RELX vape?

Vapor production is an important aspect of your vaping experience. Too little vapor and you’ll feel frustrated. Too much vapor and you may feel overwhelmed. However, it is better to choose vape pens that have a high level of vapor production, even if a little too high.

This is because you can opt to take lighter hits to reduce the amount of vapor inhaled. If your vape pen produces too little vapor then, well, your options are quite limited. Fortunately, all RELX products come with revolutionary technology that allows for powerful vapor production. To get yours now with a discount offer, keep in mind this RELXNOW coupon code!

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How much battery is enough for your RELX vape?

Tips to choose a RELX vape for starters

Battery capacity determines how long you can enjoy your vape uninterrupted. If you find yourself a heavy vaper who’s out all day, definitely go for a high-capacity vape pen. Fortunately for you, most RELX products have quite a large battery that is also charge-able via a USB port so you can enjoy your vape on-the-go.

Style, convenience, or affordability – Which is your preference?

Vaping is as much a lifestyle as anything else, so price, ease-of-use, and personality are all valid concerns when choosing your RELX vape. Do you love convenient and smooth operation? Do you enjoy vaping with style and fashion? Or do you simply want some good value for money? These are all questions to consider.

Choosing a RELX vape – Our recommendations

Each RELX vape product has its own unique selling points and personality, so how do you decide which is the right fit for you as a starter? Well, let us help you with our recommendations below!

RELX Classic starter kit

Tips to choose a RELX vape for starters

The RELX Classic starter kit is, as its name suggests, a classic RELX experience. The Classic starter kit comes with 1 RELX device, 1 RELX pod, and 1 micro-USB charging cable, which can charge up its beefy 350mAh battery in just 45-60 minutes.

There are 11 distinct flavors for the RELX Classic, some of which are best-selling flavors like Mint, Fresh Red, or the Beverage series. Additionally, the RELX Classic also comes in a variety of colors, from the classy matte black and navy blue to the flashy gradient colors. 

All in all, the RELX Classic starter kit is a great value-for-money starter option, at only $39.90, and can even hold up against the more advanced RELX Alpha kit in our RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha comparison. To get the RELX Classic starter kit at lowered prices, remember to use this RELXNOW promo code!

RELX Nano disposable vape pen

While less well-known than other product lines, the RELX nano disposable vape pen is a great way to get to know RELX vape. At only $5.90, the RELX nano offers 200 puffs at 5% nicotine strength, along with a 270mAh battery and a compact form factor suitable for one-time use during travels. Furthermore, you can also customize the taste of your RELX nano by choosing from its 8 available flavors, including some popular ones like Mint, Fresh Red, and Dark Sparkle. 


So that was our guide on choosing a RELX vape for starters. Keep in mind the questions we’ve raised to help you consider your vape purchases, and do look into our recommendations! Also, to get your RELX products for less, use this RELXNOW discount code!


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