An exercise bike desk is a wonderful way to exercise while you work, which not only helps burn calories, increases productivity and creativity, but also reduces stress. Flexispot desk bikes make the perfect addition to your home office, letting you save time out of your busy day by combining fitness with your daily work activities. However, some of you may be uncertain about what model to be the best fit for you. Let’s see some tips to choose the best Flexispot desk bike below.

Space requirements and measurements of Flexispot desk bike

Space requirements and measurements of Flexispot desk bike

Compared with a regular desk, a desk bike is taller because it combines a pedal and motion to cycle and a desk. Specifically, the lowest type has height adjustable seat range from 29.6″- 37.2″ and its product dimension is 37.6″ (L) x 22.8″ (W) x 29.6″- 37.2″ (H). Therefore, it may need space up to 40” x 23” to set up. Please note that the desk bike is perfect for space designed in accordance with the minimalist style. If you live in a private home or a rent house, remember to take precise dimensions of both the desk bike and the space you want to keep it in, so you do not run into any problem. 

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Noise implications of Flexispot desk bike

Next, you need to know whether that kind of desk bike operates quietly and smoothly or not. Some desk bike owners complained about the noise of their desk bikes drive them crazy and distract them from working. Thus, make sure that your model of desk bike operates silently and stably. Fortunately, Flexispot desk bike with innovative design and features makes it whisper operation, which helps you concentrate on your work while cycling your pedal to stay active on your daily routine.

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Excellent ergonomics of Flexispot desk bike

 A model with high-quality design should make height adjustment a piece of cake. The product’s panel should be flexible to accommodate your ideal height and be able to support your things at the same time. This should be an indispensable factor for a true blue ergonomic desk bike. You should be able to use your monitor at eye level so that you do not strain your back and neck. 

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Height preferences of Flexispot desk bike

Height preferences of Flexispot desk bike

You should consider your height when you choose a desk bike. You have to make sure that you have factored in your current desk height measurement so that you don’t end up with a standing desk bike that will be too small or big for you.

The durability of Flexispot desk bike

Your desk bike should have a sturdy and well-built work surface. The kind that will not easily chip or warp under pressure. This is why you should invest in a quality desk bike from the beginning. A good indicator is the manufacturer’s warranty. If it says that they offer a three- or five-year warranty that means a manufacturer has full confidence in their product. Make sure that it will cover your needs because it can be costly and disruptive to buy a faulty desk bike.

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Safety and ease to use of Flexispot desk bike

Safety and ease to use of Flexispot desk bike

A desk bike should be well assembled so that there will be no risks of any product-related dangers. It is so much the better if a desk bike comes fully assembled so that you do not have to install anything and minimize the incidents of poorly structured equipment. Make sure that there are no pinch points or rough edges that will pose a threat to you. It’s another plus if it comes with cable management straps so you can keep your cords organized. 

Cost vs your budget

Flexispot bike desks are priced differently, and some are more costly than others. Do not rush to buy the economy model. Even though it may help you get rid of your financial hardship, it might not assist you as well as it should. Always think of investing in the best desk bike for your well-being and happiness. So just make up your mind on main functions, a target level of excellence of the desk bike, and compare with your budget to choose the best one that suits you. Keep in mind that choosing the best value for money is better than buying a cheaper one but with inferior quality.

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With a desk bike, you can stay active on a daily basis while working, doing homework, or surfing the web. Therefore, considering our tips to choose the ideal Flexispot desk bike for your home office and take the first step to keep your fitness and boost productivity. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to buy an excellent desk bike for you at just from $250.


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