Socks are essential items to contribute to an exquisite outfit. Moreover, wearing the right pair of socks can help your feet stay healthy and comfortable. Before jumping on buying the first pair, take time to read our tips to choose the best Sock fancy socks that meet your expectation.  

Just keep in mind that choosing a pair of socks should never be negligent. And as a visible accessory, the sock must be in harmony with your clothes. 

Choose the Sock fancy socks having suitable height 

Sock fancy socks having suitable height

There are 4 different heights for socks:

– The invisible sock: It is the smallest and most modest. It only covers the lower part of the foot which is in the shoe. If you pursue barefoot style to your outfits, it is a perfect choice for you, Moreover, wearing this can avoid bare feet which can cause blisters.

– The small sock: The sock stops just below the ankle and is most usually worn in summer. You can wear it with sneakers or small canvas shoes to have a lively and stylish outfit.

– The modern sock: It is also called simply sock which is the most worn. It reaches halfway through the calf with a length of roughly 30 cm. It is very practical and goes with all outfits except for a skirt, dress or shorts. 

– The knee-high: This type of socks goes below the knee without compressing the calf and marking the leg with traces of elasticity. It is one of the most trendy and widely used socks. A men can match them perfectly with a suit because the knee-high socks will never reveal any part of the calf when you are sitting. Regarding ladies, the socks are also very trendy with a skirt or dress.

– The high sock: This awesome type of socks is often used to make teens more trendy with schoolgirl style. Thanks to the high socks, you can wear skirts and dresses even in the middle of winter without feeling cold! Furthermore, you can vary your outfits by using a more flashy color socks or matching the socks to your scarf and hat.

Based on your tastes, styles and outfits, you can choose the suitable length of Sock fancy socks to wear. What is more, you can take a look at Best Sock fancy for girls for more reference.

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Choose Sock fancy socks with perfect material and cushioning

Sock fancy offers many beautiful socks with high-quality material and seams.

Choose Sock fancy socks with perfect material and cushioning

Different types of material can offer different feeling. Woolen socks are sometimes too hot, and hold too much moisture, whereas synthetic socks can wick moisture, but has nowhere for it to go inside your boot or shoe. Another type of material is a combination fiber mix featuring Merino wool. It will provide good cushioning and also wicks moisture away from the skin to help prevent blisters. However, if you cannot wear wool, socks made from cotton is an ideal alternative to bring comfort and avoid moisture.

On the other hand, you should choose proper cushioned socks to give extra protection to the ball of the foot, lace up area, and Achilles. You had better choose flat seams to avoid creating more measure points on your foot. Sock fancy uses a unique anti-compression technology in its foot pads to give protection where you need it the most. You can buy these wonderful socks at 20% off the price by using Sock fancy masks coupon code.

Make sure your Sock fancy socks fit properly

Whether you’re hiking, hitting the slopes or playing sports, good fitting socks are as crucial as properly fitted boots or shoes.  Sock fancy socks feature many types of socks at the midfoot, above the ankle and in the cuff, to ensure snug but not too tight a fit. Poorly fitting socks can limit your ability to move flexibly during your adventures. So pick up a pair of socks from Sock fancy to fit your foot properly. If you still feel difficult to make up your mind, read Best Sock fancy for boys to discover the perfect socks.

Match Sock fancy socks to your outfits  

Finally, a question you should keep in mind when purchasing a pair of socks is that how to match your socks with your clothes and shoes?

Here are some examples:

– The classic all in sobriety: Black, anthracite or navy blue. Even if you don’t wear any black clothing, you should wear socks with these colors to match to your beautiful varnished shoes. These socks will be almost invisible to enhance the superb glazed leather of your derbies, or the magnificent flannel of your pleated pants. 

– Consider elegance but with one detail: The socks are above all accessories to enhance your elegance. You only choose beautiful plain colours for your socks, and wear the same color pants, you will look more fashionable. For instance, navy blue pants combined with satin shoes of the same colour and pretty green socks will make your outfit harmonious and exquisite.

Match Sock fancy socks to your outfits

Some other tips for you:

  • You can make other recall a colour present in your outfit by choosing the following: the brown of a belt, the green of a pocket / tie, etc
  • You may enhance your appearance by using a neutral shade such as burgundy or purple socks. 
  • Some impressive colors such as cardinal red, mustard yellow, raspberry violet can reveal the spirited personality that does not shy away from anything. These colors can make the socks become an accessory that others must absolutely notice, it’s like your signature.

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Above are some tips to choose the best Sock fancy that we want to share with you. We hope that you find it informative and helpful to add in stylish items to your outfit. Don’t miss the chance to save up to 20% when buying Sock fancy socks by using Sock fancy masks coupon code.


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