Choosing an appropriate apparel when playing tennis will both help you feel good and prevent unnecessary injury. At the same time, an ideal activewear to play tennis will facilitate better performance and greater comfort. Confused about what to wear to play tennis? Check 4 tips to mix and match to wear to play tennis below!

#1 Choose a suitable Shirt/Tank top

If you opt for wearing a shirt or tank top rather than a dress, make sure it’s cooling and allows you to move freely. For women, tank tops are acceptable in most courts but you should also check the rules of the private court and sports clubs where you are going to play. There is another thing to consider is how your sports bra will match your tank top. You had better make sure your sports bra isn’t distracting or showing while you’re playing. It is best to wear tank tops that have built-in shelf-bras for a more comfortable play. 

Another tip to wear tank tops is that you should choose one with simple patterns and cool material to offer the best comfort. 

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#2 Wear dresses for tennis to shine

Don’t know what to wear to play tennis? Take a look at tennis dresses. More and more women choose tennis dresses because they are trendy, and can be a very comfortable outfit when playing. When considering a tennis dress, make sure it cools you down and allows you for free movement. If you wear a tank top, you need to choose a suitable short or leggings to match the item. However, when opting for a dress, you only have to worry about matching accessories and shoes to one pair of clothing. 

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white tennis dresses

On the other hand, take note that you should choose clothing based on the predicted outdoor temperature. White dresses reflect heat and can be used when playing tennis in warm temperatures. In contrast, darker dresses tend to absorb heat, making it ideal if you are playing tennis when it’s cold. Tail Activewear provides a wide range of tennis dresses in diverse styles and colors to fit any weather. You can take a look at Must have tail activewear dresses for sportive women for more reference.

#3 Skirts/Skorts are also great choice for tennis attire

Many women choose to wear dresses when playing tennis, but you can also go with skirts or skorts. Skirts are great because they allow for maximum flexibility and freedom, which help you play tennis skillfully. Tail tennis skirts typically come with built in shorts underneath, so you won’t have to worry about any mishaps. You should choose skirts with lightweight (cotton) material to make you feel comfortable when playing. Dress brightly and boldly to stand out amongst the white. 

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#4 What to wear for tennis: Leggings/Shorts

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has recently amended its dress code. A new rule states that women can now wear leggings and mid-thigh length compression shorts without a skirt or a dress during matches. Therefore, if you want to try something different out on the court or don’t know what to wear to play tennis, try switching it up with a pair of leggings or compression shorts. You might feel more comfortable than ever when playing with these items. 

tennis Leggings/Shorts

White is a classic and will keep you cool, however, you may try to partner white with a bold pattern – nautical stripes is always a chic classic. Anything with a crisp, loose white shirt will look great.

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We just showed you 4 tips to mix and match to wear to play tennis, hoping that you can enhance your tennis outfits and shine on the court. Remember to use the Tail Activewear promo code to get your items at the best prices.


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