RELX is often known for their vape innovations. Technologies such as AlphaStream and FEELM are seen as RELX’s biggest selling points and distinguish it from competitors. Yet, did you know that RELX pod flavors are also incredibly good? If not, take a look at our top 3 flavors right now! To save on RELX pods, feel free to use our RELX coupon!

#1 RELX pod flavors – Dark Sparkle

Everybody loves drinks flavors, don’t they? Drinks flavors are unique and diverse in a lot of ways, and sometimes even match the range of drinks they are based on. RELX Dark Sparkle is considered by some to be the best RELX drinks flavor, and for good reasons. 

RELX pod flavors

Dark Sparkle is based on the genuine taste of everybody’s favorite soft drink – Coca Cola! And it does well to live up to vapers’ expectations, actually. A puff on Dark Sparkle exudes the icy sensation of Coca Cola. 

Ever felt mesmerized by Coke flowing down your throat on a hot day? Well, Dark Sparkle is just like that. Additionally, this flavor also ends with a hugely satisfying hint of mint to make it even cooler! No wonder it tops our list of RELX pod flavors!

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#2 RELX pod flavors – Tangy Purple

Coming close on the list of our top RELX pod flavors is RELX Tangy Purple. It’s almost a fact now that fruity flavors are super duper popular among vapers. They are so diverse that the range of tastes you can get from them is beyond imaginable. Sweet, sour, or savory, they have it all!

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RELX pod flavors

And when you talk RELX fruity flavors, you better not forget Tangy Purple! The flavor is a great mix of fresh grape flavors and the slightly funky taste of a good old bar of grape-flavored Hi-chews. This not only allows you to feel extremely great but also quite nostalgic (at least for me). Of course, every puff ends with a cooling minty sensation that perfects the vaping experience with RELX.

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Try Tangy Purple, and you won’t regret it! Alternatively, you can also try Fresh Red, or RELX watermelon, which is also another great fruity flavor that unfortunately can’t make it into this list of top RELX pod flavors.

#3 RELX pod flavors – White Freeze

Okay, so we’ve covered drinks flavors and fruity flavors. What other types of flavors are there on this list of RELX pod flavors? Well, how about a mix of those two!

RELX pod flavors

RELX White Freeze is a good combination between drinks and fruits. How does that work? Well, the flavor fuses the taste of lemon with the sensation of frozen lemonade – making it taste exactly like a bar of lemonade ice cream!

If you’re out on a hot day, definitely bring this flavor with you. And get ready to freeze!


So those were our top 3 picks for the best RELX pod flavors. What about your top 3? The number of RELX flavors are just so diverse we cannot cover them all, so you may want to check out RELX Watermelon (Fresh Red) or RELX Fragrant Fruit, just in case they fit your taste buds!

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