One of the most essential things that you have to consider when moving to a new home is finding the right mattress for your bedroom. The right mattress that will provide you a well-rested sleep after the hustle and bustle you face every single day. See top 3 Happsy mattress for new homeowners below.

#1 Top Happsy mattress: Happsy twin size

For younger new homeowners, buying a new mattress is one of the purchases that they don’t take much time in considering. They often have the thinking, ‘I’ll settle for the cheap one as long as I’m able to sleep on it”. But the facts are that they may bear many consequences of this thinking. According to studies, in an average lifetime, a person would spend around 24-26 years sleeping. So a bad sleep may cause unhappy day and life for a long time. 

Top Happsy mattress: Happsy twin size

Happsy twin size mattress is one of the best sellers of Happsy – a green mattress brand for both quality and sustainability. It is made from organic cotton fabric, to make you feel comfortable and enjoyable all night. There are three layers, 2’’ organic latex, 8’’ pocketed springs and organic cotton filling. You may be amazed by its firmness and pressure relief it brings to you. Twin size is 38” x 75” x 10”, which is large enough for a couple and ensures the necessary space for a nice sleep.

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#2 Top Happsy mattress: Happsy Queen size

The second best we want to introduce you is Happsy queen size mattress. It is made without glues, adhesives or Flame Retardants. You want a comfortable night’s sleep – Happsy gets it. After all, a good night’s sleep is critical to your success and happiness. Some think that fancy engineered foams are the solution. It’s actually the opposite! Mother nature provides the most comfortable materials on earth – without the need for chemical engineering.

Top Happsy mattress: Happsy Queen size

Happsy queen size mattress is all made from good stuff. It features organic Cotton for a purer, healthier sleep and organic wool for breathability, softness and temperature regulation. Moreover, it also comes with organic latex which gently contours the body for floating pressure point relief. The mattress also has pocketed springs to give heat somewhere to go and reduce motion transfer. You may enjoy a great sleep without nay discomfort with Happsy queen size mattress. The size of the mattress is 60” x 80” x 10”, which is perfect for those who love the large bed.

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#3 Top Happsy mattress: Happsy King size

HAPPSY was recommended by a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council for their premium mattresses and sound manufacturing practices. The third one in top best Happsy mattress to mention is Happsy king size mattress. You may find joy when buying this mattress. Unpacking the mattress is interesting. It may be fun to watch something totally flat inflate into a luxurious looking mattress. It is ready in minutes. The mattress is firm enough for back support and soft enough for comfort. Many customers really like the springiness that is not too bouncy. The mattress would be a good fit for most people. Also, it is not too hot and very comfortable. Noticed the fresh smell. 

Top Happsy mattress: Happsy King size

Some people are very sensitive to fumes and chemical smells. Happsy is the best choice for them for the non-toxic and unscented mattress. Regardless of good price, it is also the best of the best! You couldn’t have been more pleased with the very personal customer service, the ease of receiving and putting it into place, and the quality of the product. With it, you may enjoy the new mattress without worrying about uncomfortable sleeps! Happsy king size is 76”x 80” x 10”, large enough for those like the feeling of spacious beds.

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We just showed you a list of top 3 Happsy mattress for new homeowners, hoping that you may choose a suitable one for your new home. Don’t forget to use Happsy coupon code to save up to 20% of your orders. Click here!

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