You might be aware of the health impacts of prolonged sitting. We recommend standing desks to help you get better posture and protect your health. Interestingly, its best mate is a standing desk footrest which has been proven to bring you a variety of advantages during your seating. Curious of its benefits? Read on and you will find out surprising advantages.

What is a standing desk footrest?

standing desk footrest

A standing desk footrest is a piece of furniture or a support used to elevate the feet at a height comfortable for your body. It allows and facilitates your foot movement to increase your overall well-being. Any style of desks works well with footrests. Whether you sit, stand, or do a mix of both throughout the day, it’s a supportive tool for your comfort and overall health. Flexispot standing footrest offers a variety of design, innovative features and functionality to enhance your health as well as satisfy your aesthetic demands. 

The benefits of a standing desk footrest?

1. Boost circulation

When you sit for several hours a day, this ultimately leads to poor circulation. It is a fact that many heart-related diseases stem from poor circulation. You can prevent this issue by using a standing desk footrest. According to recent study, using a standing desk footrest can dramatically decrease the chance of developing circulatory issues. Therefore, don’t be shorter to benefit from the improved circulation and blood flow that comes with a footrest. A footrest can reduce pressure on your legs, thereby helping to prevent blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis, relieving pressure on the lower back, and decreasing swelling and varicose veins. If your chair is missing a waterfall edge, a foot rest is an absolute must to cut down on the discomfort and circulation problems resulting from sitting for extended periods of time.

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2. Alleviate the lower back pain

standing desk footrest

As far as we know, many office workers are suffering from back problems which significantly impact their productivity. Per a recent study in the US, low back pain is one of the main causes of health-related economic drain, costing more than $100 billion per year. In addition to using the best chair for office sciatica, setting up a footrest is also an effective solution. The footrest helps facilitate your movement and relieve the lower back pain and sciatica, which cuts out the discomfort and disturbance in the office. 

3. Facilitate a good posture

On average an American spends around 38 minutes an hour slouching. Therefore, the posture of American workers has been dramatically impacted by sedentary activities throughout the year. Bad posture not only affects your appearance and your bones in the long term, it also results in back pain and other diseases. Poor posture is considered one of the leading causes of disability among employees under the age of 45. Once again, a standing desk footrest is an effective tool to address this issue. By elevating your foot at an appropriate height, it can help you have a good posture and reduce many health problems in the future.

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4. Boost the comfort levels

 standing desk footrest

A number of studies have shown that the more comfortable the employees are, the more productive their performances are. Imagine that when you are sitting at your desk, you feel uncomfortable due to the back pain or poor circulation. Obviously, this discomfort is essentially a distraction, declining your ability to keep concentrated. In addition to reducing strain, a footrest can promote better posture, all prevent leg discomfort and boost productivity. 

Most of all, a footrest is apparently more comfortable than resting your feet on the floor. In addition to the health benefits, a footrest is designed specifically for your feet’s comfort, much more so than carpet or hardwood floor. 

Nowadays, as standing desks are becoming more and more popular, installing a footrest is ideal for standing desks. While choosing the best standing desk for working from home, don’t forget to purchase a footrest to come along with it. In some cases, the set-up of a high-quality footrest can support you to stand up to 30 percent longer at a standing desk.


After reading amazing benefits of a standing desk footrest, you might want to purchase a suitable one for your home or office. Flexispot offers a lot of high-quality footrests coming in a variety of design and features. Don’t hesitate to buy a good one and use Flexispot coupon code to save up to 10% the order. 


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