It is a fact that searching for suitable reusable cloth face mask can be a difficult and downright frustrating task during the uncertain period of the pandemic. As a result, reusable face covering is essential, as it helps you stop overspending on masks while protecting yourself. We strive to frequently update you on all of the best reusable cloth face mask at present. Let’s take a look now!

#1 best reusable cloth face mask: SendUsMasks 

First of all, we are pleased to introduce to you reusable face coverings packs from SendUsMask. This cloth face mask is washable, reusable, and adjustable to fit almost all face sizes. Their face masks are made with breathable, high quality 100% cotton. Cotton is lightweight and gentle on skin and does not irritate your skin with long term use. Furthermore, this reusable cloth face mask is machine washable to help you save time. Metal nose pieces are featured in SendUsMasks masks to secure masks in place. In particular, there are adjustable elastic ear loops to form snug tight fit. If you are still hesitant, read SendUsMasks reviews: Are they good? for more reference to decide. 

#1 best reusable cloth face mask: SendUsMasks

Another amazing characteristic that impresses the customers is 2-Ply Mask. With 2 layers of high quality cotton sewn together, SendUsMasks offer extra security for you in this uncertain period. Finally, filter pocket opening located at the bottom of the mask will add your own filter in between the layers.

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SendUsMasks reviews: 

Meaghan on Aug 10, 2020 commented: “I’m a hairstylist, so I need my masks to function well while being comfortable. These are comfortable on my ears, fine to talk through, and fit really well with good coverage and no gapping around the edges. The fabric is sturdy enough to stand out from my mouth so that my lips don’t get chaffed when I talk, and now that I’ve washed them six or eight times in hot water, I can say that they are colorfast and well made. I’ve tried nine or ten different types of cloth masks in search of ones that I can live in all day, and these are it.”

Kim on Aug 09, 2020 reviewed: “High Quality, Price, Comfort & Safety, not to mention how quickly I receive them. I’ve bought a lot of different masks at different places & prices and these are great masks. I have chronic breathing problems and I have absolutely no problems breathing in them. I even bought some for others due to Covid needs & they are so impressed they now want to order some.”

#2 best reusable cloth face mask: N95 Medical Supplies

Second pack of masks we want to recommend you here. They are made from a soft cotton material that makes you feel gentle on the skin. This type of mask covers up the nose and mouth, and secures on the ears with elastic straps on each side. The customers say that they are comfortable, breathable and definitely good for sensitive skin. What more could you ask for?

#2 best reusable cloth face mask: N95 Medical Supplies

It is perfect for you and your family. They also offer kids size to your children. Moreover, they are reusable and machine-washable, which allows you to wash them again and again with ease and convenience to reuse. Fortunately, you can use N95 Medical Supplies coupon to save up to 10% the order when buying masks for your family.

Another reliable brand that provides high-quality reusable cloth face masks is Tail Activewear. Check Are tail activewear masks good? for more information. 

#3 best reusable cloth face mask: ARRUSA summer cool face masks

ARRUSA is another brand providing the impressive reusable cloth face mask for you. This mask has actually managed to get every little detail perfect, commencing with the ice cotton fabric which is ideal to summer. This material helps absorb sweat to keep you feeling cool and comfortable even in the most scorching weather. Moreover, this fabric also may provide SPF40+ protection. It prevents your skin from damage from the sun’s UV rays. Furthermore, ARRUSA protects you against windburn, dust, sand, and hazardous airborne particles or droplets. It is as well smooth as silk and highly elastic. The mask is able to stretch in all directions to facilitate any movements of your face. 

#3 best reusable cloth face mask: ARRUSA summer cool face masks

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#4 best reusable cloth face mask: slip Pure Silk Adult Face Mask

We tried to find something bad about this reusable cloth face mask but we found nothing. Pure Silk Adult Face Mask has built-in ear hooks to keep it properly pulled up. This means you don’t need to pull on your ears, squeeze on your face and touch your face to pull your mask back up! These silk face masks help prevent acne, and that’s a huge attraction for women. The silk material doesn’t clog your pores the way that other materials do.

#4 best reusable cloth face mask: slip Pure Silk Adult Face Mask

Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic, so if you have sensitive skin, it is a perfect choice for you. Because it probably creates the least amount of irritation. 

#5 best reusable cloth face mask: Sock fancy cloth masks

Last but not least, check out Sock Fancy cloth masks, you will be amazed. They offer triple-layered protection and are constructed with the highest quality machine-washable combed cotton. Sock fancy masks are made with high-quality washable cotton in which roughly 95% cotton, and 5% poly-cotton blend. This kind of material can bring you smooth feelings and comfort when wearing while protecting you from dust and virus. For more details of Sock fancy cloth masks, read our blog of Why should you choose Sock fancy mask for the pandemic? now!

#5 best reusable cloth face mask: Sock fancy cloth masks

Sock fancy carries 2 sizes, one for adults and one for kids. Here are some other main features that you should never miss:

  • The protective particle-resistant outer layer
  • Polyester fiber middle layer for particle filtration
  • Ultra-soft & breathable combed-cotton inner layer
  • Adjustable ear loops for fit and comfort
  • Flexible nose clip for the perfect seal
  • 3D chin design

Specially, Sock fancy has partnered up with Hands On Atlanta to give away 7,000 masks to nonprofits and community organizations across metro Atlanta to achieve their goal of donating 100,000 masks to those in need. With each mask you purchased from Sock fancy, you are contributing to help needy people to overcome the pandemic.


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We just took you on a tour of the top 5 best reusable cloth face masks, hoping that you can make up your mind on what is perfect for you. Couponrich is offering Sendusmask coupon, Sock Fancy coupon and N95 medical supplies coupon, you can consider using products from these three brands to protect your health and save your money.  


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