Vape juices are an irreplaceable part of vaping. They bring vapor and, more importantly, flavor to the entire vaping experience. For some, vape juices even determine how much they enjoy their vapes. However, even with such an importance, not all vapers know how to store vape juice properly. In today’s article, let us take a look at the proper ways to keep your e-juices safe and flavorful!

How to store vape juice: Learning the elements

There are many ways in which vape juices can be affected. To learn how to store vape juice, we must first start with the 3 main elements that can change or damage the liquid. These 3 elements are air, light, and heat.

Air and light can change the flavor of your e-juices by causing chemical reactions within the juice itself. This process takes place if your e-liquid is left open to these factors. Oxygen from air and UV radiation from light can work together to cause some nasty flavor alterations. By the same token, heat can also generate some reactions within the e-liquid and change some flavor components. This effectively deteriorates the overall taste, sometimes to a great extent. 

One takeaway from this is that you should always store your vape juices in closed bottles and away from these 3 elements. A good brand for e-juices is Central Vapors, which also sells other vape products. You can check out the best-selling Central Vapors e-juices, or grab this Central Vapors coupon code to save on their products!

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How to store vape juice: Types of container

Another crucial thing to know about how to store vape juice is the type of container. Most e-liquids come in plastic bottles, which are fine for short-term storage but not really ideal for the long term. Here’s why! 

How to store vape juice

Plastic containers are generally cheaper than other materials, and thus they are most widespread. The bad thing about plastic containers, however, is that they can be easily affected by heat. Depending on the type of plastic, exposure to a certain degree of heat can activate certain reactions within it and indirectly affect the vape juice stored inside. 

So how to store vape juice? Go with glass! They are certainly more pricey, but can withstand the 3 elements we mentioned above much better. This is why glass is often used for vape tanks, such as the ones on our list of the most popular vape kits on VaporDNA. If you’re looking for some quality e-juices, VaporDNA is also a good place to go to, and you can save using this VaporDNA coupon code!

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Another type of reliable containers for e-juices is, of course, vape pods, which are built to withstand the elements by nature. A good brand for pod systems is RELX, and you can learn more about their pods in our article on whether RELX pods are safe.

How to store vape juice: The ideal way

So far, what we’ve learned about how to store vape juice tells us to stay away from air, heat, and light and not to use plastic containers. So what’s the ideal solution? A glass bottle in your refrigerator! 

We already looked at how glass bottles can work wonders when storing e-liquids, and they’re perfect when put inside a fridge. This is because the cold temperature inside fridges make chemical reactions harder, and can even limit bacterial growth. And don’t worry about your e-juices freezing up, as they generally have quite low freezing points. Nevertheless, it is best to let a bottle of vape juice sit in warm room temperature for a while before using it, instead of going straight from the fridge. 

How to store vape juice

Additionally, if you’re interested in pod systems, storing vape juice should be easier as we mentioned above. For this we recommend the RELX Alpha for many reasons, and one of which is its super sturdy AlphaPod system. To shop RELX for cheap, don’t forget to grab this RELXNOW coupon right now!

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So that was our take on how to store vape juice. We hope our content was useful in helping you store your e-liquids better and maintain good tastes. To find a great device to pair your e-juices with, we recommend our article on the most unique vapors!


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