Varidesk is the most renowned standing desk company while Flexispot is the uprising competitor on the standing desk market. As they offer significantly different features and target to a distinctive set of preferences, may people may find it hard to select between Varidesk vs Flexispot. We’ve created an in-depth comparison of two standing desks to help you evaluate which one is the best for you.

By taking into account the bestseller, Pro Plus 36 of Varidesk, and the M2B of Flexispot, we will dig in and get you a detailed comparison.

Varidesk vs Flexispot: General Comparison between Pro Plus 36 and M2B 

Lifting Mechanism
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Overall, as lifting mechanism and cost are considered more important than other features, we conclude that Flexispot is our winner when comparing Varidesk vs Flexispot


Despite a slight difference in design, both desks are made of similar quality materials. Varidesk features weighted base for stability without bolts, clips, or clamps. This Pro plus 36 of Varidesk is also designed to remove pinch point risks and laptop cutout. At the same time, Flexispot M2B has small desk footprint and deeper desktop work surface. It is compatible with any monitor mount.

With differences in design, ergonomic functions, and excellent features, you would think both items will cost a fortune. Unsurprisingly, the two brands understand affordability without compromising convenience. The FlexiSpot is priced at $223.99 while VariDesk commands a shopping sum of $395. So the Flexispot M2B is often $100 – $150 cheaper. As a result, Flexispot is the winner in this aspect.

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Lifting Mechanism

Flexispot height adjustable

With Varidesk, you raise and lower the desk through two paddles on the sides of the tabletop. In contrast, the Flexispot is raised by one paddle on the right-hand side via a gas-spring, which is easier to adjust than the Varidesk. Several of the shorter/average height women in the office had a lot of problems raising the Varidesk, and some could not lower it. The FlexiSpot on the other hand was easy for all to raise/lower. Thus, Flexispot prevails again in this feature.

Color Options

Varidesk has many color options such as black, butcher block, dark wood, or white. By contrast, Flexispot comes in black, mahogany, river walnut, or white. As the two both offer a variety of color choices, no one dominates in this feature. 

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Varidesk standing desk requires no set-up and the model is ready out of the box. All you have to do with Varidesk is take it out of the box and set it on top of your desk. On the other hand, Flexispot takes an average of 10 minutes. It is quite simple to assemble, you just need to attach the keyboard and add the optional plastic covers on the joints and the metal rail on the bottom. In this feature, Varidesk is the winner when comparing Varidesk vs Flexispot

Weight Limit

One factor that is responsible for the success of both brands is their weight capacity. Weight capacity of 35 lbs for Flexispot and 45 lbs for Varidesk mean you can keep all your accessories on the desks without affecting or altering their stability. If you love working with two monitors, phones, and printers, you will feel convenient with these desks. You only need about 13 lbs of force to lift your accessories when placed on the desk.

As Varidesk offer more weight capacity, we can conclude that in terms of the weight limit, Varidesk is better. 


There are three main points regarding the design and function of these two standing desk converters.

  1. The Flexispot has a slot that holds your phone or tablet in an upright position so you can conveniently glance at it when working. Varidesk doesn’t have this feature.
  2. The base of the Varidesk is deeper, and hangs over the desks in our cubes, while the FlexiSpot fits perfectly.
  3. The Varidesk comes toward you as it lifts, so it requires more space to set up. By contrast, the Flexispot raises straight up.
  4. The Flexispot has a removable keyboard in case that you don’t need it or want to save on space. On the other hand, the Varidesk has an optional side panel that you can buy to increase the size of your tabletop.
 Flexispot design
Flexispot design

Thus, Varidesk may be better regarding the design.

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Shipping and Returns

Though both brands offer free shipping and free returns, Varidesk will pay for the cost of return shipping whereas Flexispot doesn’t. However, Flexispot still offers many attractive policies. Flexispot wants you to be completely satisfied with your FlexiSpot purchase, and they strive to provide expert guidance to help you choose the best possible products for your needs. They also understand that sometimes a product just doesn’t quite fit. That is why they make returns easy. You just need to send them an email with your return request along with the order number included. Also, let them know the reason for your return. They will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.


We just take you a tour of comparison between Varidesk and Flexispot. Flexispot and Varidesk each consistently earn high ratings by users seeking a standing desk experience. Although they both offer significantly different features, they are both ideal investments and worth the semi-expensive price tag. The two boil down to the customer’s personal preferences, as both are equally high-quality products. However, Flexispot standing desk is the winner thanks to its affordable price and convenient lifting mechanism. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to buy this wonderful standing desk and save up to $30.


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