Many standing desks may be in the same price segment but there is always one model that will appear superior to the others. The only way to compare and evaluate them is by testing and research. In previous article, we compared Flexispot vs Jarvis, so in this article, we will conduct a review of the IKEA Bekant and the FlexiSpot EC4 to help you know which is better. We will compare based on testing and their features and let the outcomes speak for themselves!

FlexiSpot vs IKEA:  Hand controls and presets

The first feature we want to mention is hand control and preset. The FlexiSpot EC4 offers an LED design and a control panel that stores three height preference presets. All you need to do is to push more buttons to adjust your table’s setting, making this feature really useful. It also has a sit-stand reminder timer so you will remember when to shift working positions with convenience.

On the other hand, the IKEA Bekant only features a hand control which is only limited to up-down buttons. Unlike Flexispot, it has no digital display nor presets either. This type of standing desk may be preferred by those who like simple controls. Fortunately, you can purchase Flexispot EC4 at 20% off the price by using Flexispot coupon code.

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FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Stability

Stability is another important characteristic we want to take into consideration when comparing standing desks. You may know that the jig is up when the desk starts to wobble at a certain height. A high-quality standing desk should be able to stand up against any pressure at any adjustment and height. Stability and other factors are essential in how to choose best flexispot standing desk for home office, so you need to check it carefully.

When adjusted to the highest position, FlexiSpot EC4 remains to be rock solid and stable except for two insignificant movements. In contrast, the IKEA Bekant could not remain stable and started to shake when moved in different directions.

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Stability

The difference in their design is the main reason for this. The IKEA Bekant is shaky due to its round columns, which can remove the desk’s stability. By contrast, the FlexiSpot EC4 has a rectangular column design, which is strong enough to withstand most strong external forces.

Other difference is their desks’ materials. IKEA Bekant features cheap plastic fasteners to connect the heavy base to the top. This helps simplify the assembly process and facilitate amateur users but it affects the overall sturdiness of the desk. On the other hand, the FlexiSpot EC4 uses screws directly. While some users have to endure the hassle at first, this kind of installation will be helpful in the long run because it will have a more durable and stable structure. Click Differences between FlexiSpot vs Eletab to compare the two more reputable brands.

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Weight capacity, speed, and noise

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Weight capacity, speed, and noise

Some office workers have to install and place a lot of heavy equipment on their desk, therefore, they need to consider the weight capacity of the desk. The IKEA Bekant can only lift to 154 lbs, while the FlexiSpot EC4 can support the weight of about 275 lbs., which is worth purchasing compared to other desks on the same price tag segment. 

Regarding the speed adjustment, the FlexiSpot EC4 is a little bit quicker than the IKEA Bekant. As the adjustment is not smooth, the IKEA Bekant is slower in adjustment process. It stops during the process, and you have no option but to press the button and wait for it to recalibrate. It does not happen when it comes to the FlexiSpot EC4. It goes up and down effortlessly and smoothly with just a press of a button. 

In terms of the noise, the IKEA Bekant noise is up to 51 decibels while the FlexiSpot EC4’s adjustment sounds only come up to 49 decibels. This is the reason why Flexispot fans often like it and say that its whisper-like movement is not just a marketing tagline. 

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FlexiSpot vs IKEA:  Safety

With innovative features named collision avoidance that stops your desk from moving when it hits an object, Flexispot can ensure your security. This feature enhances the safety to your work office because it makes sure that your desk will not crush your gadgets or even hurt you. All 3 best flexispot standing desk for Covid-19 working from home feature this impressive technology, don’t miss this. 

The FlexiSpot EC4 has the sensitivity to stop when it hits a chair as long as the down button is pressed. At the same time, the IKEA Bekant just continues to go down even if it hits an object that affects its movements.

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Desktop material

The IKEA Bekant is made from thin compressed cardboard. Though it can make your desk look stylish, it might not endure in the long term. On the other hand, FlexiSpot comes in an  environmentally-friendly one-inch chipboard which is thicker and is scratch-resistant.

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Desktop material

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Price

This might be one of the most important factors that affect you final decision. Though both desks cost $399 each, there is a slight difference. IKEA charges an extra $199-349 for shipping while FlexiSpot offers free shipping. More interestingly, you can get up to 25% off the order when buying Flexispot EC4 by using Flexispot coupon code. 

FlexiSpot vs IKEA: Table of summary

Hand controls and presetsLED design and three height preference presetsno digital display nor presets either
StabilityRemains to be rock solid and stableShake when moved in different directions
Weight capacity, speed and noiseEven
Safety Collision avoidanceJust continues to go down even if it hits an object 
Desktop materialEnvironmentally-friendly one-inch chipboardThin compressed cardboard
Price$359 – $399
$369 – $419
Extra shipping fee


We just show you all the factors to check, we hope that you can now decide for yourself which is the better standing desk. Moreover, you can read our other article about comparison between varidesk vs flexispot to get more reference. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to get your standing desk at an attractive price.


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