RELX is an innovative vape manufacturer that outputs only the best products. Their devices integrate cutting-edge features and award-winning technologies to provide a wonderful vaping experience. Furthermore, their vape flavors are also astronomically tasty, especially their Beverage series. Today, let us look at why RELX pod coke is the very best in that line-up. To get this flavor and other RELX products for cheap, bookmark this RELX coupon!

What are RELX drink flavors?

When it comes to flavors, RELX certainly has a lot to offer. Want some fruits? They have it. Fancy some ice cream? Sure! Prefer the classics? Classic Tobacco is ready! And, of course, RELX does make amazingly delicious drinks flavors as well. The good thing about drinks flavors is that they are often highly diverse and mouth-watering. Along with RELX pod coke, some notable drinks flavors are as below.

RELX Fruit Tea

RELX Fruit Tea is definitely one for the tea lovers! Based on the well-loved flavor of oolong tea, this flavor surely has a touch of delicacy and sophistication to it. That being said, this does not stop it from being extra delicious, with a blend of peach flavor elegantly sprinkled on top of the oolong base. To top it off, this flavor ends with a wonderful minty sensation that cools you inside out! 

RELX Gold Sparkle

RELX Gold Sparkle is a close cousin of RELX pod coke, being based on root beer – quite a popular drink itself. If you’ve ever savored the creamy foam of root beer on your lips while gulping on its content, you’re gonna fall in love easily with this flavor! As with any RELX flavor, the pleasing taste of root beer is then followed by a cool menthol hint on the exhale for maximum enjoyment.

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Why RELX pod coke tops all RELX drink flavors

We’ve seen some great flavor so far, but none can match the tastiness of RELX pod coke as a drink flavor. Why?

Well, first of all, let us take a look at what the RELX pod coke flavor really is. With its official name being RELX Dark Sparkle, RELX pod coke is based on Coca-Cola – the most iconic soft drink in the world. Puffing on this flavor is like gulping on a freshly chilled can of Coca-Cola in the middle of a hot day. And if you’ve ever done that, you know how fantastic it can be! Yes, that’s the experience you would be getting with RELX pod coke.

RELX pod coke

Of course, to top it all off nicely, this flavor does finish up with a wonderfully tasty hint of mint that caresses your throat with a cooling sensation. Indeed, the good reviews for this flavor truly says it all!

‘The best flavour out there. Very happy with the taste.’ – Jim Haas

‘I love this flavor so much. I wish it were in stock more often though. Whenever I see it available, I buy like 5 at a time.’ – Trevor Nguyen

‘This one is my fav flavor out of all of them.’ – Johnny Lee

More importantly, however, this flavor stands heads and shoulders above other drinks flavors because of how authentic the taste is. You can perhaps get a good taste of root beer or peach tea through the drinks flavors above, but none is as perfect as how RELX pod coke replicates Coca-Cola. Furthermore, being a popular drink itself, the Coca-Cola flavor certainly caters to a lot more people’s preferences. 


Overall, that was our reason as to why the RELX pod coke flavor is truly the best among drink flavors. If you want to find a good device to pair this flavor with, how about the best-selling RELX vapes? In any case, you can find lots of savings by using this RELX coupon code!


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