Currently, research indicates that the novel coronavirus spreads primarily via respiratory droplets. Therefore,  alongside other preventive measures such as hand washing and physical distancing, wearing a face mask in public may help slow the spread of the COVID-19. With special design, Sock fancy mask is a perfect choice to help protect both yourself and surrounding people from the coronavirus. Let’s see the reasons why below!  

1. Sock fancy mask is designed with extra protection 

Sock fancy masks are constructed from the highest quality machine-washable combed cotton, with triple-layered protection which are demonstrated below.

First, outer layer of the mask is protective cotton. Followed this is polyester fiber middle layer for particle filtration. Final layer protection is ultra soft and breathable combed-cotton inner layer. 

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Sock fancy mask is designed with extra protection

2. Sock fancy mask offers comfort and softness 

Sock fancy masks are made with high-quality washable cotton in which roughly 95% cotton, and 5% poly-cotton blend. This kind of material can bring you comfort when wearing while preventing you from dust and virus. Other features to make it perfect choice for you:

  • Adjustable ear loops for fit and comfort
  • Flexible nose clip for the perfect seal
  • 3D chin design
Sock fancy mask offers comfort and softness

You can read Are Sock fancy masks good? for more reference as we listed out their surprising features on our blog.

3. Sock fancy mask is reusable

Another reason is that Sock fancy mask can be reused after being washed thoroughly. We suggest you hand washing, but there isn’t any problem if you use your washing machine. Just keep in mind that your cloth mask should be washed with a delicate cycle with cold water and dried with no-heat tumble dry. For better preservation when washing, you should use a dedicated bag to avoid stretching, warping, or fraying your mask and the adjustable ear loops. 

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4. Purchasing Sock fancy mask is a way to support the community

Sock fancy has partnered up with Hands On Atlanta to give away 7,000 masks to nonprofits and community organizations across metro Atlanta to achieve their goal of donating 100,000 masks to those in need. With each mask you purchased from Sock fancy, you are contributing to help needy people to overcome the pandemic. By this way, you not only protect yourself and your families, but you also help assist a huge number of people a long distance far away. 

Purchasing Sock fancy mask is a way to support the community


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5. Tips to wear Sock fancy mask

The WHO advise that people taking care of someone who has COVID-19 and those who have symptoms such as coughing and sneezing should wear a face mask. At the same time, the CDC suggests wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where it may be difficult to stick to physical distancing measures. These public settings may include hospitals, workplaces, grocery stores and pharmacies. So, you should wear Sock fancy mask in these places to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

Tips to wear Sock fancy mask

On the other hand, CDC and WHO suggest that people aged 60 and over and people with underlying medical conditions should wear face masks when physical distancing is not possible. Therefore, you should also purchase Sock fancy masks for your grandparents. 

It is a fact that medical masks are a pivotal source for healthcare workers and others who need them the most. When medical masks are in short supply, the WHO say that they should be reserved for healthcare workers and at-risk individuals. So Sock fancy with extra protection is an ideal alternative to both help you safe and reserve medical masks for those in need. Buy them today and get 16% off the order with Sock fancy masks coupon


We just took you a tour of amazing features and advantages of Sock fancy mask. Hoping that you can make up your mind to choose a suitable one for yourself as well as present it for your family during the complex situation of the pandemic. Don’t forget to use Sock fancy masks coupon code to save up to 16% your order and possess the wonderful cloth mask. 


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