You may be aware of negative impacts of sedentary lifestyles. As some people have no choice but to stick with sitting throughout the day for working, they try to find an effective measure to mitigate the impacts. One of the easy but efficient ways is by using Flexispot sitting cushions. Even though people spend far too much time sitting, somehow, most of the things we sit on aren’t very comfortable or well-designed to support healthy posture. Ergonomic seat cushions can provide a substantial boost in comfort and support for those have to sitting for several hours. They bring a myriad of health benefits in a tiny, easy-to-use package that you must be surprised after reading the following.

What is a sitting cushion?

Flexispot sitting cushion

Sitting cushion is a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber, which help make a seat more comfortable. It  is compact sized flat pads so as to be easily taken along wherever you go. It supports the back and take off compression from the rear region. Flexispot sitting cushions with a variety of attractive design and innovative features can ensure your comfort and serve as a tool to boost your productivity.

Benefits of Flexispot Sitting Cushions


Flexispot Ergonomic sitting cushions support you to sit with good posture and make your body develop a better natural posture. Therefore, you will not have to endure chronic pain and boost the productivity. Good posture can help you feel better and give you a more attractive appearance. In the long term, it may prevent you from elderly-diseases so when your friends are using their walkers, you’ll still be strutting your stuff.  

Ergonomic Seat Cushion with Orthopedic Design SC2 is a perfect combination of cushion and office chair to help you get good posture and protect your body. Buy this product now and use Flexispot coupon code to save up to $50 when checking out. 

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Reduce pressure on your hips, spine, and tailbone

Benefits Of Flexispot Seat Cushions - Reduce pressure on your tailbone

Badly designed seats put too much compression on your hips and tailbone, which can cause pain and fatigue. This can even result in spine and joint issues that negatively affect your quality of life. The Flexispot sitting cushions will redistribute the compressive force and protect your body.  


That pressure from typical seats also restricts blood flow in your pelvis, legs, and back. This may make you feel tired and cause pain. Sitting for too long also makes your heart work harder to pump your blood around your body, which lowers your cardiovascular health.  A soft Flexispot sitting cushion helps you in distributing blood.


Another negative effect of all that pressure is poor digestion, due to compression of that area your digestion process may get hampered.  Besides this, you can also get heartburn or constipation. Therefore, you should remove compression from your abdomen and pelvis by using office chair sitting cushions.

Flexispot offers you a lot of cushions in a variety of designs, colors and patterns which satisfy any need. Take a look now and use Flexispot coupon code to get $30 off any order.


Flexispot Seat Cushion Makes Any Chair More Comfortable

You might feel uncomfortable due to sitting for a significant amount of time. A Flexispot seat cushion on your office chair can add a little more comfort in your sitting. Everyone knows that quality memory foam conforms to your exact body shape while giving you proper support. And when you combine it with an ergonomic sitting cushion design, you get pure delight for your heinie. You can also use Flexispot sitting cushions on rocking chairs. This will raise the comfort level.

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When you use Flexispot office sitting cushions, you can get better posture, circulation and less pain. With all these comforts, undoubtedly you can gain more concentration and energy. You will start to stay active outside of office with no back pain limiting your movement. 

Money Saver

Flexispot office sitting cushions

For organisations, Flexispot sitting cushions make employees more productive and concentrated. This enhances the efficiency of the business as a whole. Also, thanks to comfort and energy that Flexispot sitting cushions bring, workers will be less absent, thereby decreasing sick leaves. A good sitting cushion will increase worker morale as well. Work related injury compensation might also reduce thanks to seat cushion installation.

For individuals, adding a colorful and comfortable Flexispot seat cushion in your old furniture instead of buying a patio chair gives a vibrant look in your old chair and costs less. Most of the foam sitting cushions have a removable cover so you can change it anytime instead of buy new one and save your money.  

Fortunately, you can save more by using Flexispot coupon code to buy impressive cushions and save up to $50. 

Where To Use Sitting Cushions:

An Amazing Flexispot Seat Cushion Brings You Comfort Anywhere

You can use it at a number of places for your comfort. Here are some ideas for best uses of it:

  • For Indoor Seating:  You can create a new look for your old furniture by adding a Flexispot sitting foam cushion. Flexispot seat cushions are available in a myriad of colors, patterns, and designs to choose. 
  • For outdoor Seating:  You may use Flexispot seat cushions for outdoor seatings. Water-repellent seat cushions are ideal for lawn furniture.
  • Car seat:  Those who spend long time in cars should use a Flexispot sitting cushion to minimize the vibration while driving. It also prevents strain and the pressure between the intervertebral discs. 
  • Office chair:  Installing a Flexispot sitting cushion for your office chair not only makes you feel comfortable but also enhances your productivity. 


We just show you benefits of Flexispot sitting cushions. You might be amazed of their multiple advantages and consider to buy an ideal one for your home. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to buy Flexispot cushions with $30 off the order.


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