Xcaret park is best known as a family-friendly cultural destination that also offers some exciting physical activities. The park is among the largest in Mexico, covering the area equivalent to 40 football fields. Thus, with so many activities in one place, it might be difficult to know which ones to choose. Well, worry not, as we’re giving you our list of top 5 activities to try on the Xcaret map. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab this Xcaret coupon to save on your next visit!

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#1 on the Xcaret map – Underground River

Swimming in the underground river is an experience unique to the Riviera Maya coastline. The underground water is fresh and crystal clear and the river flow resembles mazes and tunnels. During your underground swimming experience, you can witness the fossilized remains of many coral patches in your way – a distinct feature stemming from the area’s undersea origins.

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There are three underground rivers in Xcaret to choose from: the Blue River, the Mayan River, and the Manatee River. All three flow into the sea, flanked by flamingo-inhabited mangroves. You can choose to discover only one or all three to get a full view of their beauty.

You can find underground river exits at several places scattered around the Xcaret map. The rivers are around 17 feet below ground and 5 feet deep. Life coats are provided and compulsory to make your experience safer and more effortless. To dive into the underground river for less, remember to use this Xcaret coupon code!

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#2 on the Xcaret map – Papantla Flyers

The Papantla Flyers is one of the most amazing performances there is in Xcaret. Approach the performance site, you will be first greeted by a tall pole in the distance. As you settle in, watch and be amazed as five male performers skilfully and almost effortlessly climb to the top of the tall pole.

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As one of the performers reaches a platform on top of the pole, he starts his ritual by performing dances and sounding melodies using a flute and drum. This is said to honor the sun and the four elements. The other 4 performers then tie themselves to the pole with long ropes and swing around the pole as they descend back to the ground. The visual spectacle is certainly there, and sometimes you do find it is as if these men are actually flying!

This is part of a ritual known as the Papantla Flyers, which is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

#3 on the Xcaret map – The Scenic Tower

Outlooking the coastline is the 80-meter Scenic Tower – the highest point of the entire Xcaret map and the Riviera Maya coastline.

A host of different landscapes spread before you on the viewing deck of the Scenic Tower, from the vibrant shades of Caribbean blue waters to lush jungle canopies and the distant Cozumel island. What’s more the tower actually rotates 360 degrees, meaning you can get a true panoramic view of the entire Riviera Maya and other attractions in Xcaret park. Sweet!

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#4 on the Xcaret map – The Paradise River

The Paradise River is definitely for the more laid-back type, and is good for ending a full day of activities before delving into some night activities at Xcaret. The Paradise River is close to the center of the Xcaret map at number 13.

Flowing along the river on a raft, you are experiencing the landscape of the Jungle Trails on water. This means you also get the chance to marvel at some of the unique fauna around here, including blue crabs, iguanas, and peccaries!

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#5 on the Xcaret map – Mayan Archeological Sites

Xcaret prides itself on preserving some of the most important aspects of Mexican culture, and that certainly includes their Mayan heritage. All around the Xcaret map, you can find Mayan ruin sites to visit. 

Each site reflects a certain aspect of the ancients who used to reside here, and tells bits of the 1000-year stories of Xcaret history. You can find these sites at the back of the cove, on the Tropical Jungle Trail, behind the stage of the Papantla Flyers, and between the Open Forum and the Aquarium.

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Overall, those are our top picks for visiting locations on the Xcaret map. If you’re visiting Xcaret for the first time, it is likely that you cannot cover the entire park. Thus, try to cover these attractions or follow our Xcaret park map itineraries to not get lost. Also, don’t miss out on this Xcaret coupon code, which lets you save tons on your Xcaret trip!


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