Xcaret is a massive cultural and ecological theme park in the Yucátan Peninsula. The park comprises dozens of attractions that cover a wide range of activity over its 200-acre area. To stay on track and make the most of your trip, you would need some top-tier Xcaret itineraries on the Xcaret park map. Today, let us go through some popular itineraries for you to choose from. Don’t forget to also grab this Xcaret coupon code to save on your tickets and more!

Xcaret park map: The basic all-in-one itinerary

As discussed in our article on how not to get lost with an Xcaret park map, this itinerary covers 14 attractions in the Xcaret park. Needless to say, there is a ton more to discover at Xcaret, but going through these 14 will ensure you get a taste of everything at this park. Included in the itinerary are some cultural and water activities, along with animal viewing.

9:00 AMStart at the Mexican Folk Art Museum
9:20 AMVisit the Chapel of our Lady of Guadalupe
9:35 AMGo to the Mayan Village and perhaps take a free interactive workshop there
10:30 AMStroll through the ‘Bridge to Paradise’ Mexican Cemetery
10:45 AMVisit the House of Whispers
10:55 AMMake your way to the Aviary
11:20 AMContinue to the Butterfly Pavilion
11:40 AMDine and rest in one of the nearby restaurants
12:30 PMRelax in an underground river
1:30 PMSnorkel in the Xcaret inlet
2:30 PMVisit the Coral Reef Aquarium
3:00 PMLet your child play at the Children’s World
4:00 PMReturn to the Mayan Village to watch the Prehispanic Dances
5:00 PMGet up on the Scenic Tower to watch the sunset
5:30 PMSnack/dinner and rest to recharge for the night
6:30 PMWatch the Mexico Espectacular night show to end the day

As you can see, quite a ride going through this 1-day itinerary at Xcaret. Being the all-purpose approach to visiting the park, this itinerary has something for everyone, from fun activities for both adults and kids to enriching insights into Mexican culture and wildlife. So, are you ready to grab your Xcaret park map and book a visit? If so, remember to grab this Xcaret coupon to enjoy some savings!

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Xcaret park map: All about the water activities!

Culture is king at Xcaret, but the awesome water activities are also among our top 5 reasons you should visit Xcaret. If you’re planning to visit the park to splash some water, check out this itinerary! 

xcaret park map
9:00 AMVisit the Scenic Tower
10:00 AMHave fun in one of the Underground Rivers
11:00 AMExit the Underground Rivers and make your way to the Manatee Lagoon (not exactly water-splashing here, but the seeing the manatees is worth it!)
1:00 PMGo over to the Snorkeling Inlet to swim, sunbathe, or snorkel 
2:00 PMDine and rest at a nearby restaurant and perhaps take a nap on the hammocks at the beach to refill energy
3:00 PMHead over to the Water Activities Center to try more exciting activities
4:30 PMFor additional cost, you can also try the Snuba, Dolphin Swim, Sea Trekking Activities nearby. We highly recommend Dolphin Swim if you love to mingle directly with dolphins.
5:30 PMDry up, snack/dinner, and relax till evening
6:30 PMWatch the Mexico Espectacular night show to end the day (again, not a water-splashing activity, but definitely a must-see at Xcaret)

So that was it, a full day of fun and exciting water play across the Xcaret park map. If this tickles your fancy, definitely grab this Xcaret coupon code to save on tickets and some additional costs!

Xcaret park map: Flora and Fauna galore!

If you’re a nature lover, Xcaret also has it all for you! The park is one of the largest ecological reserves in the region, and offers tourists a chance to see some authentic native flora and fauna! Just follow our itinerary as follows see them all:

xcaret park map
9:00 AMStart your day with a trip to the Scenic Tower to take in all the view
9:30 AMMove on to the Mushroom Farm to see some beautiful native fungi
10:00 AMVisit the Museum of Orchids to admire hundreds of glowing orchid blossoms
10:30 AMRelax and take in the tropical landscape on the Paradise River. You will be carried on a raft through the tropical canopies here.
11:15 AMTake to the Jungle Trails to explore some more tropical nature on foot
11:45 AMExit the Jungle Trails to the Spider Monkey Island
12:15 AMLunch and rest at one of the restaurants nearby
1:15 PMYou can reach the Coral Reef Aquarium, Tapir’s Territory, and Deer Shelter within walking distance of the Spider Monkey Island. Choose one to visit or just explore all 3!
2:15 PMAfterwards, you can head left to experience the exciting Sharks! Hands on Adventure or right towards Stingray Encounters. Both are wonderful activities but come at extra costs. 
3:15 PMHead to the Jaguar Island or the nearby Manatee Lagoon
3:45 PMFrom the Jaguar Island, you can easily reach the Bat Cave or the Butterfly Pavilion just a little further away. 
4:30 PMRest and snack/dinner at one of the nearby restaurants
5:30 PMGo back to the Scenic Tower to watch the sunset
6:30 PMHead back to the Open Theater to watch the Mexico Espectacular night show to end the day.

Quite an extensive itinerary for a nature lover, isn’t it? This itinerary covers everything from beautiful flowers and local plantations to exotic activities with animals. Feast your eyes and don’t forget to tick every location above off on your Xcaret park map!


All in all, we hope you have found our itineraries useful, regardless whether you’re aiming for the culture, nature, or fun and excitement on the Xcaret park map. If you’re ready to book your trip there now, pick up this Xcaret coupon to save lots!


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