The Yucátan peninsula is blessed with beautiful beaches, deep blue waters, and lush green jungles. But did you know it also houses one of the biggest theme parks in Mexico? Welcome to Xcaret – a cultural and ecological theme park the size of 40 football fields! To avoid getting lost here, you would certainly need more than just an Xcaret park map. So let us guide you through our top 3 tips to avoid getting lost in Xcaret. And while you’re reading, don’t forget to bookmark this Xcaret coupon code to save lots on your trip!

Introducing Xcaret Park

With nearly a 30-year history, Xcaret is the oldest theme park in the region and prides itself on representing the most authentic of Mexican culture. Indeed, culture is king here, with lots of attractions that reflect the core of Mexico, such as the Mayan Village, Papantla Flyers, and the famed Mexico Espectacular show. 

Additionally, Xcaret also offers a great diversity of other activities. The park has a dedicated water activities center with thrilling rides through underground rivers, snorkeling, and more. As an ecological park, Xcaret also grants tourist access to view some of its most unique flora and fauna in their natural habitats. There’s always something for everyone!

To see some more interesting Xcaret attractions, check out our article on the top 5 attractions on the Xcaret map. Also, if you’re looking to visit Xcaret park soon, don’t miss out on this Xcaret coupon to save on your tickets!

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How not to get lost in the Xcaret park map

Xcaret park is massive, with a total of 200 acres in area. Thus, to not get lost, you do need some serious planning, as well as an Xcaret park map. Here are some tips!

Learn to read the Xcaret park map

The Xcaret park map is available for free when you enter the park. It covers the entire area of the Xcaret park and shows you every single attraction there is. Good stuff! 

So, how do you read the Xcaret park map? Quite simple, actually. On the back of the map should be a list of map legends that instructs you what each element on the map represents. If you look at the bottom right corner, you can find an ‘E’ symbol, representing the entrance. Of course, this would be where you start your journey, so use it as a point of reference.

Pay attention to the numbers on the map as they represent individual attractions. The lowercase ‘i’ symbols are information booths, which you can stop by to have your questions answered. Finally, do also notice the red crosses and wifi symbols, in case you or anyone with you need first-aid or an internet connection.

So that’s the basics of an Xcaret park map. Easy, right?

Have a meeting point if your group is going to split up

One of things that makes Xcaret worth it is that it caters to quite a diverse range of activities. Thus, your group might sometimes split up to discover different interests. In these cases, always agree on a meeting point on your Xcaret park map so that you all can regroup quickly to move on to the next attraction.

A good meeting point might be the information booths (lowercase ‘i’ symbols) as they are scattered evenly across the map. However, you can also opt to meet at the park’s many restaurants, marked with a pair of fork and knife. This is so you can refill and be ready to go, if necessary.

Plan an itinerary based on your Xcaret park map

The Xcaret park map gives you a top-down view of everything inside the park. Therefore, it is quite easy to plan out a good itinerary to cover all the places you want to visit. Feel free to check out our top Xcaret itineraries to help you plan, or use this basic 1-day itinerary right here:

  1. Start at the Mexican Folk Art Museum
  2. Visit the Chapel of our Lady of Guadalupe
  3. Go to the Mayan Village and perhaps take a free interactive workshop there
  4. Stroll through the ‘Bridge to Paradise’ Mexican Cemetery
  5. Visit the House of Whispers
  6. Make your way to the Aviary
  7. Continue to the Butterfly Pavilion
  8. Relax in an underground river
  9. Snorkel in the Xcaret inlet
  10. Visit the Coral Reef Aquarium
  11. Let your child play at the Children’s World
  12. Return to the Mayan Village to watch the Prehispanic Dances
  13. Get up on the Scenic Tower to watch the sun set
  14. Watch the Mexico Espectacular night show to end the day

This basic itinerary covers nearly all aspects of Xcaret. However, if you’re only into a specific part of the park, planning ahead can really help you maximize your time there! 


Overall, those were our tips on how not to get lost in such a massive Xcaret park map. To recap, learn to use your map, have meeting points, and plan ahead! Now, if you’re ready to visit Xcaret, grab this Xcaret coupon to save tons!


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